Where is the ancient country on earth?

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Ancient distance of the earth to the moon?

In the past, the Moon was a lot closer to the Earth. The ancient distance was about 10,000 miles. Then, the Moon was large enough to cover over a dozen present Moons.

How countries in earth?

Possibly you mean 'How many countries on the Earth?' There are about 200 countries - my atlas lists 195, but 204 attended the recent Olympics.

What were the ancient countries?

china india persia arabia mesopatamia asia minor phoenicia syria israel kush egypt aksum ghana mali songhai zimbabwe britain spain gaul italy macedonia dacia greece ireland

How do you get ancient Rome on Google Earth?

Unfortunately, the ' Ancient Rome 3D ' layer is no longer available as a Layer in Google Earth.. The following was the original answer when it was available in 2008. For mo
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When did the ancient aliens visit earth?

There has been no absolute proof that we have been visited by anything or anybody. Until then we can assume we're alone.