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Where is the cellphone symbol on Microsoft Word?

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Use the font Webdings, -it is in the middle of the eleventh row
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Where is the telephone symbol on Microsoft Word?

Goto "Insert, Symbols, More symbols, Choose font as Wingdings 2, choose the logo and click insert. Infact choosing font 'Wingdings' instead of Wingdings 2 will give many more

How do you get rid of the paragraph symbol in Microsoft Word?

This Is Not A SCAM(straight to the point) When you open the document there should be a toolbar at the top of the page that has Home, Insert, Page Layout, ect. Click on home a

How you type omega symbol in Microsoft Word?

Type 03a9 then Alt+x for capital omega (Ω). Type 03c9 then Alt+x for lower case omega (ω). The Unicode number for Ω is U+03A9 and U+03C9 for ω. Use Character Map to fi

How to display Microsoft Word degree symbol?

  The way that I insert a degree symbol in my version of Word (2002) is:   Insert >> Symbol   Font: (normal text)   Subset: Latin-1   The degree symbol is the

How do you display the power of 2 symbol using Microsoft Word?

You just change the number to a superscript. Highlight the 2, go to  Font and check superscript. Now you have the power of 2. Just be  sure to change the type back if you co

How do you display a square root symbol using Microsoft Word?

To type square roots on Microsoft Word:   1.) Click on the "Insert" drop-down menu and select "Object..."   2.) You should see "Microsoft Equation" as one option. If not

How do you add symbols to Microsoft Word?

Microsoft has a number of symbols already built into its program. On your toolbar, find a button with a symbol that looks like this: Ω. Click on it and it will show you lots