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Where is the cellphone symbol on Microsoft Word?

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Use the font Webdings, -it is in the middle of the eleventh row
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What is the ticker symbol for Microsoft?

Stock Ticker MSFT   The ticker symbol for Microsoft Corporation is MSFT and it is traded on the Nasdaq.    

How do you get rid of the paragraph symbol in Microsoft Word?

This Is Not A SCAM(straight to the point) When you open the document there should be a toolbar at the top of the page that has Home, Insert, Page Layout, ect. Click on home a

How do you get the copyright symbol on Microsoft?

There are three ways to get the © symbol in a Windows PC.    1) You can copy/paste from the character map   2) Engage the number lock & while holding down the key

What is the Latin word of cellphone?

"Telephonum cellulare" or "Telephonum gestabile" more information:

Is there a check-mark symbol in Microsoft Excel or Word?

Yes Choose "Insert > Symbol" and look for the character you want (you may have to select another font to find it. A font called Marlett which Windows instlls has one) If you d

How do you remove paragraph symbols and dots in Microsoft Word?

Look for the button bar with the New, Open, Save buttons on it. At the other end of that bar are the formatting buttons for Left Justify, Centre Justify, and Right Justify Tex

How to display Microsoft Word degree symbol?

  The way that I insert a degree symbol in my version of Word (2002) is:   Insert >> Symbol   Font: (normal text)   Subset: Latin-1   The degree symbol is the

Which country uses the word cellphone?

The word cell phone is commonly used in the USA and Europe. Most  other countries prefer to use the word "mobile phone" to refer to  the same gadget.

How do you display a square root symbol using Microsoft Word?

To type square roots on Microsoft Word:   1.) Click on the "Insert" drop-down menu and select "Object..."   2.) You should see "Microsoft Equation" as one option. If not

How do you type the delta symbol on Microsoft Word or Excel?

Select Insert | Symbol, scroll down to Mathematical Operators subset, highlight the delta (∆) symbol, and click Insert. For a mac, if you're in Microsoft word, just hit Op

Where is the danger warning sign symbol in Microsoft word?

In MS Office 2007, you must click on "Insert" tab in the horizontal menu at the top of the page. It is the menu with no symbols, it's the little line with different written ti

How do you get a degrees celsius symbol on Microsoft PowerPoint?

There are a few ways in which you can get a degrees symbol on  Microsoft PowerPoint. You can choose the symbol from the Symbol  command on the Insert menu, from the Windows