Where is the cellphone symbol on Microsoft Word?

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Use the font Webdings, -it is in the middle of the eleventh row
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How do you add symbols to Microsoft Word?

Microsoft has a number of symbols already built into its program. On your toolbar, find a button with a symbol that looks like this: Ω. Click on it and it will show you

Where is the telephone symbol on Microsoft Word?

Goto "Insert, Symbols, More symbols, Choose font as Wingdings 2, choose the logo and click insert. Infact choosing font 'Wingdings' instead of Wingdings 2 will give many more

How do l get the ohm symbol in Microsoft Word?

The character - Omega - is in the extended character set of many of the default fonts, such as Ariel and Times New Roman - use Windows Character Map to identify the extra

Where is the email symbol in Microsoft Word?

in Microsoft word 2007 go to mailings, then go to start mail merge, and work from there. and that's it and if its on word 03 i cant tell you that because i don't know.

How do you get degree symbol in Microsoft Word?

There are a number of ways you can try. The best is to go to the Insert Menu and then to Symbol. With the option set to Normal Text, scroll down through the list of characters