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Where is the lady yolanda salidivar who killed selena perez?

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Yolanda killed her because she was falling in love with selena .... selena did not like her back Yolanda was full of anger and killed her
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Does any one know why Yolanda killed Selena Quyitanilla Perez you do not recall it ever being mentioned her reason for killing her?

Selena's dad was mad with Yolanda because she was stealing money from the fan club and did not send out the fan club packages as promised, resulting in the complaints he recei

Why did yolanda kill Selena quintanilla Perez?

she killed Selena because she was jealus and she stoll money and Selena was going to call the cops and she was leaving the hotel room and shot her and blood went on the door a

Is yolanda happy that she kill Selena?

I think that yolanda salvidar is happy for killing Selena because during the time she was getting interviewed at the court house she was smiling the whole time.I mean who woul

How did yolanda killed Selena?

yolanda killed Selena because selenas father found out from co-workers that yolanda had took 30,000 dollars and naturally Selena was mad and Selena confronted yolanda in the m

Why did Yolanda Saldavir kill Selena Perez?

Because she had an unhealthy, strange obsession with Selena and probably envied her like crazy. The issue with Selena catching Yolanda stealing money just pushed Yolanda over