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Where is the microphone hole on the ipod touch?

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A: There is no hole the Ethernet microphone is under the power button
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Where is the microphone on the iPod touch?

There isn't a microphone on the iPod Touch but you can buy one at Target, Walmart, etc. they are about $25- $30 bucks. or you can buy another brand's kind but I would stick

Where do you find a microphone for your iPod touch?

From what i heard, you can get earphones that have Microphones attached to them. I am planning to get one for Skype. You can find all different types of iPod Touch microphones

What store has microphones for the iPod Touch?

apple sells very good earphones for iPod Touch/iPhone that have an external mic, volume control and high-quality audio for $70, but you can find the exact same ones for only $

Does the iPod touch 3g have a microphone?

The Microphone on 3rd generation Ipod touch's is in the ear-buds. If you get the 16 gigabyte or 36 gigabyte you get the microphone with the ear-buds but not if you get the 8 g