Where is the print screen button on a laptop keyboard?

It is on the right-top of ur keyboard, beside the "F12" button. Maybe named "Pr Scrn".
But if u wanna capture anything on the screen, i think the print screen button couldnot help u, press this button, u only get the full screen capture. So i recommend u try PCHand Screen Caputre. It could help u capture anything. It is easy to use, even for a novice.

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Where is the print screen on a laptop?

The button print screen on your keyboard maybe called "Pr Scrn", besides "F10", on right-top of the keyboard...  If u wanna capture anything on the screen, i recommend u try (MORE)

What is the screenshot button on your keyboard do - what is it for?

The information on the screen is in the video chip. Sometimes you want to save a picture of it. Press Prt Scn. This moves the picture from the video card to the RAM memory cli (MORE)

Where is the times button in the laptop keyboard?

If you have a number pad on your laptop keyboard, it is the asterisk on the number pad. It looks like this: * The one that is made by holding Shift and pressing 8 does not per (MORE)

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How do you print screen from laptop?

There should be a similarly color coded key on the bottom row next to the CTRL key. Pressing and holding that key and then pressing the PrtSc key should activate the print scr (MORE)

How do you use the print screen button?

Without minimizing what you want to capture then press the "Print Screen" button. and then you should go to Paint or any other graphic editors and Press CTRL+V , then save the (MORE)