Where is usually an hurricane?

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1. Florida, with 113 hurricanes, 37 of them major storms and two that reached Category 5 status (the strongest and most destructive of hurricanes).
2. Texas, with 60 total hurricanes, 19 of them major. The majority (23) were Category 1 storms, and none were Category 5.
3. Louisiana, with 52 total hurricanes, 20 of them major. One of those storms was a Category 5, and four were Category 4 storms.
4. North Carolina, with 50 total hurricanes, 12 of them major storms. No Category 5 hurricanes have made landfall in North Carolina, but there has been one Category 4 storm.
5. South Carolina with 30 hurricanes, six of them major. Two Category 4 hurricanes have made landfall on the South Carolina coast.
The remaining top-ranked states for hurricane strikes are, in descending order, Alabama with 26, Georgia with 23, Mississippi with 16, New York with 12, Connecticut and Massachusetts with 11, Virginia with 10 and Rhode Island with nine.
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Do they have hurricanes?

It can get under zero in the winters, but in the summer it can get over 100 degrees. It is a variety and very satisfying.

Why are hurricanes usually late summer and autumn events?

Hurricanes require warm ocean water to form and due to it's high heat capacity water takes a long time to heat up and cool down. Because of this it takes spring an a large portion of summer for the oceans to heat up enough to support significant hurricane activity. It then takes a significant portio (MORE)

What do hurricanes do?

It destroys everything in it's path, even people. It can cause flash floods. Brings about lots of debris, dirty waters and it also brings a hand-full of sickness.

What hurricanes do?

It destroys everything in it's path, even people. It can cause flash floods. Brings about lots of debris, dirty waters and it also brings a hand-full of sickness.

What does a hurricane do?

It destroys everything in it's path, even people. It can causeflash floods. Brings about lots of debris, dirty waters and it alsobrings a hand-full of sickness. The most destructive and deadlypart of a hurricane is the storm surge which is a dome of oceanwater that is created by strong winds and whe (MORE)

After a hurricane?

the rescue team has to put effort into saving the people and rebuild the town

What three areas usually hit by hurricanes?

Three areas usually hit by hurricanes are the eastern coast of theUS, Caribbean nations, and the northern coast of the Gulf ofMexico. Hurricane season runs from June 1 until November 30.

What is in a hurricane?

in the eye of the hurricane is perfectly nice and sunny,the windy part is the strongest winds but the same land just getting torn or damaged

What time of year do hurricanes usually occur?

Hurricanes usually happen for september to november. If you do not belive me look on this web site for resources: http://kilby.sac.on.ca/faculty/akowalts/Web%20site%2004%2005/GEO/GEO7/Hurricanes%20new%20version.htm

What can hurricanes do?

They can blow down old houses and its kind of like a tornado. It can take electricity out and gas so you have to be alert. Before a hurricane or a storm comes its really quiet and starts raining then the storm comes and the rain is very heavy.

Where are hurricanes from?

Hurricanes are formed from water but there is something else that forms hurricanes and its once water comes and its makes a world pool and then winds pushes either way and it floods the city or town

What path do hurricanes usually take?

Tracking Hurricanes Once the winds of a tropical storm reach 74 miles per hour, a hurricane is born. Then, they are named in a special way. How a hurricane is named is a very simple process . Next, determining the path it will take can help to save lives. Tracking hurricanes helps us to prepare fo (MORE)

What does hurricanes have?

hurricanes can have very strong winds. it can blow a person away. it can damage a lot of things. it can cause a major amount of flooding and it can cause tsunamis. if it happens where you live, good luck knowing you.

About hurricanes what are they and where do they from?

hurricanes are reaally strongg and powerfull storms that have the power to kill people, searchh hurricane Katrina on wikipedia for examples. they form on the ocean or in other larrge water places at 80 degrees Fahrenheit or more ,

What category hurricane was Hurricane Jenna?

When it hit Jensen Beach and Port St. Lucie Florida, it was a Cat 3 Hurricane and I am glad to be alive because Jeanne came 3 weeks after Hurricane Frances which I lost everything. My whole ceiling caved in but my family was unharmed because we left before they started

Was hurricane Emily a bad hurricane?

Hurricane Emily was a very bad Hurricane. In fact, it was one of the most powerful hurricanes of the 2005 Hurricane Season; it just didn't really make landfall in the United States. However, it did make landfall on the Yucatan Peninsula and later made landfall on the Mexico/Texas border. Hurricane (MORE)

Why is a hurricane a hurricane?

The term Hurricane is a classification of intensity of a topical cyclone. In order to be considered a hurricane a storm must have maximum sustained winds of at least 74 mph.

Why is there a hurricane known as 'hurricane Katrina'?

Hurricanes are named alphabetically in the order that they reach tropical storm status. It restarts every year, Katrina was the name of the Hurricane that hit New Orleans in 2005, it was the 11th tropical storm of that year.

Do hurricanes usually start over the Atlantic Ocean?

Well Hurricanes only form over warm waters 80 degrees or warmer, but yes the can start in the Atlantic more recent ones have started in the Atlantic. They also can't form over the equator cause they need the Coriolis Force to create the spin and it gets weak if its near the equator. The Atlantic hur (MORE)

Why are they hurricanes?

There are two possible origins of the word "hurricane." According to one source, the word "Hurricane" is derived from the Spanish word "huracn", the origin of which is the Carib term for "God of Evil". Other sources, however, postulate that the word is derived from the name of the Mayan storm god.

Was hurricane Isacc the worst hurricane?

No. Hurricane Isaac was damaging and caused some deaths but it is nowhere near being the worst. There have been hurricanes that were orders of magnitude deadlier and more destructive.

Where do tornadoes and hurricanes usually form for North America?

The majority of tornadoes in North America form in the UnitedStates between the Rockies and the Appalachians, particularly onthe Great Plains and in the Gulf Coast states. The hurricanes thathit North America usually develop in the Caribbean and the Atlanticwaters adjacent to it. Many of these origi (MORE)

Where do hurricanes usually form and why?

Many hurricanes begin from the Atlantic or the Caribbean and formas a result of the warm water in the tropics feeding a storm withenergy. The atmosphere must also be heavily laden with moisture fora hurricane to form.

Why are hurricanes usually named?

Meteorologists usually name hurricanes when it becomes strongenough. In very rare cases, hurricanes might be nameless. Thereason is to avoid confusion with other hurricanes because theremight be another hurricane nearby with a different intensity andthe everyone needs to know which country needed to (MORE)