Where is usually an hurricane?

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1. Florida, with 113 hurricanes, 37 of them major storms and two that reached Category 5 status (the strongest and most destructive of hurricanes).
2. Texas, with 60 total hurricanes, 19 of them major. The majority (23) were Category 1 storms, and none were Category 5.
3. Louisiana, with 52 total hurricanes, 20 of them major. One of those storms was a Category 5, and four were Category 4 storms.
4. North Carolina, with 50 total hurricanes, 12 of them major storms. No Category 5 hurricanes have made landfall in North Carolina, but there has been one Category 4 storm.
5. South Carolina with 30 hurricanes, six of them major. Two Category 4 hurricanes have made landfall on the South Carolina coast.
The remaining top-ranked states for hurricane strikes are, in descending order, Alabama with 26, Georgia with 23, Mississippi with 16, New York with 12, Connecticut and Massachusetts with 11, Virginia with 10 and Rhode Island with nine.
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What path do hurricanes usually take?

Tracking Hurricanes Once the winds of a tropical storm reach 74 miles per hour, a hurricane is born. Then, they are named in a special way. How a hurricane is named is a ver