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Where WW2 Was Fought WWII was fought all over the Atlantic, Pacific, North Africa, Eastern Europe, Western Europe/the Mediterranean, Norway/Finland, the Middle East, South East Asia, and China.
Here is more input:
  • World War II be broken down into four main theaters of combat.
  • European Theater - Germany invaded or occupied France, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Czechoslavakia, Yugoslavia, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, the Soviet Union and from 1943 on Italy. In this theater, we can break it down into two "fronts" - The Western Front was France and the Low Countries, while the Eastern Front was Poland and Russia and the Balkans.
  • Eastern Front - After the fall of Poland and France, Germany decided that it could do better and invaded Russia in the summer of 1941. After early gains, this degenerated into a fiasco and became Hitler's greatest blunder. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.
  • North Africa - North Africa pit Italian forces against British forces. The Italians, however, were completely unable to fight, lacking any sort of weapons to deal with the heavily armored British tanks. Most Italian guns merely bounced off, and they were very nearly pushed out before Germany sent reinforcements under the command of the legendary General Rommel, also known as the "Desert Fox." He took back the Italian part and made preparations for invasion of Egypt, although that never came due to other circumstances.
  • The Pacific Theater.

Countries where World War 2 was fought: North Africa - Egypt, Tunisia, Libya also parts of Algeria as well as fighting in East Africa - Somalia and Ethiopia
There was also fighting in some parts of other African countries and the island of Madagascar
The middle east in Egypt and Iraq (and some other countries to i think)
SE Asia - China, French Indo-China (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia) Burma, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Boreno, the Philippines and Japan. Pacific - a lot of the pacific islands including the attack on Pearl Harbur, Hawaii
Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, the Artic Ocean, Baltic Sea, Black Sea and the Barents Sea.
There was also an attack by Japanese airforce on Australia.

More information:
The main theaters were:
1) Eastern (Soviet-German) front, that cost Fascists about 65% of the total number of casualites due to major WWII battles of Stalingrad, Kursk, Moscow, Leningrad and, later, Koenigsberg and Berlin;
2) Western Europe/North Africa, with the key warfare over the UK (Battle for Britain).
3) Far East (China) and the Pacific where the Allies pushed the Japanese until A-bombs were dropped.
As it is, the WW2 was fought not only in battle grounds with bullets but also close at home with distress. Day by day everyone at home would here about how "their" soldiers were coping with the war, but of course they would only tell of a little bit of it. The government would place cencorship on anything anti-war in the hope to get more people into the army. Letters sent from soldiers to their families were checked to see if they wrote of the hardships of war and if it did they wouldn't give the letters to the soldiers family. People were also told not to say where the soldiers were as it could be heard by spies. This attitude created the slogan "Loose Lips Sink Ships". So in general, although countries were fighting against each other, they also fought against themselves. also during the war conscription was placed and women began working in mens jobs, but i won't mention that as it has little to do about where the war was fought.
In Eurpope most of the fighting happened in Eastern Europe. Major battles occured in what is today western Russia. Stalingrad (Volgograd) and Kursk were the sites of the largest battles. Germany lost close to 3 million soldiers in primarily western Russia and Ukraine.
Places like Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Yugoslavia saw significant battles. What these Countries did face was an incredible amount of partisan action. Retribution killings and death camps in these countries constituted most of their causualties which in all cases surpassed a million civilians killed. The largest retribution act was commited against Poland in 1944 during the little known Warsaw uprising (not the Jewish Ghetto rising) where close to 250,000 Poles (mostly civilians)were killed by Nazis who were ordered to destroy Warsaw Block by block.
The contries that suffered the most in Europe were
Soviet Union (includes Russia, Ukriane, Belarus, etc)
The situation in western Europe was brutal but to a much lesser extent. Combat and major military actions did occur in France and in Italy
Fronts, and some of the main battles on those fronts Europe Eastern Front- Moscow, Stalingrad, Leningrad, Kursk, Rumania, Berlin Western Front- Battle of France, Britain, D-day, market garden, ardenes Northern front- Finland vs USSR, Norway Southern Front- Invasion of Italy, Rome, Operation Dragoon
North Africa- Tunisia, El Alamain, 2nd battle of El Alamain, Torch landings Asia- China, Manchuria, French Indies, Burma Pacific Ocean- Pearl Harbor, Battle of Coral Sea, Battle of Midway, Nukes, sub campain Atlantic Ocean- Battle between Allies and Axis U-boats
North America- two Alaska islands
And probably more fronts too
The North American, South American, Antarctican and, to a great extent, Australian continents were virtually barren of any hostilities.
As the name might imply, the war engulfed nearly the whole world. Every country in Europe except Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal and Ireland was involved. There was fighting over the whole continent, from the Atlantic Ocean to Moscow and from Sicily to Norway. There was fighting throughout North Africa from Egypt to the Atlantic Ocean. There was fighting in most of Asia, in China, Indochina, all the wat to India and throughout the Pacific Ocean from Japan to indochina to Hawaii to the Aleutian Islands off Alaska.
Europe, the North Atlantic, parts of China (eastern part of China like Nanjing aka Nanking), South East Asia, Japan, USA and the whole Pacific.
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