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Which is better for viewing quality pictures to install on you laptop.. windows television with cable or the windows television software only without cable?

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If I understand your question correctly, you want to know the best way to watch TV on your Windows laptop. I'm not sure if you are inquiring about a Cable TV subscription or cable connector.

In any case, there are many possibilities when using hardware such as Slingbox, TV on PC software, Live Feeds TV Network (non-software) and video/audio cable connectors.

Firstly, you have to know your budget...
  • Hardware: Is spending $100s too costly?
  • TV on PC Software/Live Feeds Non-software: Is spending $50 or less affordable?
  • Video/Audio Cable Connector (converter box): Is spending $5-$25 about right?

Secondly, you should know the amount of time/effort you are willing to spend during setup process...
  • Hardware: Are you willing to do more technical work?
  • Video/Audio Cable Connector (converter box): Do you prefer doing less technical work?
  • TV on PC Software/Live Feeds Non-software: Do you prefer no technical work?

Thirdly, you should know whether or not you want to include the Internet...
  • Hardware: Watch Satellite or Cable television channels/videos via Internet on your PC. Watch paid TV from any location
  • TV on PC Software/LIve Feeds Non-software: Get access to 1000s of free Worldwide sporting events, movies, TV episodes, adult entertainment and more via Internet. Watch Internet TV from any location
  • Video/Audio Cable Connector (converter box): Watch regular TV/paid TV in-house

If you prefer TV on PC software which offers the easiest-fastest approach to setting up a super computer Internet TV using a desktop/laptop and want to know where are all the top software brands are located, see links provided. When visiting the site, you will also find in the menu bar "Watch PC TV" and "Live Feeds TV" links to learn more.

I hope this information answered your question.
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