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Which is correct usage - 'Dr. Robert Roberts MD' or either 'Dr. Robert Roberts' or 'Robert Roberts MD'?

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Never use Dr. and MD in same title; either Dr. Robert Roberts or Robert Roberts MD is correct.
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How did Dr Robert Atkins die?

  Years after his death in 2003, the rumor that Dr. Robert Atkins "died of his own diet" persists. The falsehoods concerning his death are mainly propogated by the vegan g

What did Dr Robert Atkins die from?

He died from falling down and hitting his head after slipping on ice while walking to work. He was in a coma for 9 days before he died on April 17th 2003. He was 72 years old.
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Who was Dr Robert L Moses?

Dr. Robert L. Moses is not found but there is a Dr. Robert P. Moses. He is married to Dr. Janet Moses and lives in Boston, MA. Together, they have 4 children.