Which is the famous plant of sikkim?

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Orchids are the famous plant of Sikkim. The state has 556 species of them. The colors range from the richest to the palest in species.
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When the camp of ranji trophy going to held in sikkim?

probably never as sikkim has always degraded in its performanceyear to year.and the top officials and some coaches are hungry formoney as if they have never seen it.corruption and bias is the maincause of its such performance

Who is Satish Bardewa from Sikkim?

Satish Bardewa is the CEO of Yak and Yeti Travels(http://yaknyeti.com/),one of the premium and infamous travels agents in sikkim,a keen mountaineer ,first Laison Officer from Sikkim in Indian Mountaineering Foundation,first mountaineer from Sikkim to lead a British Expedition, first Travel agent to (MORE)

Is sikkim-manipal university of India is approved by ugc and hec?

Yes. Sikkim Manipal University is approved by UGC and AICTE. It was formed by the Government of Sikkim under the Section (2) of UGC act like every other Government University in India. SMU is not a Deemed University, it is a proper University formed by a state legislature act, like the Mumbai Univer (MORE)

Official language of sikkim?

English is the official language of Sikkim. Though English is the official language a large number of people who converse in nepali, lepcha and bhutia.

Sikkim manipal unversity model qusetion?

Hi, The model question papers of Sikkim Manipal University's Distance Education are at Edunxt, please visit our website to log in to Edunxt. I hope I have answered your query. Have a great day

Does sikkim manipal universityoffers distance MCA?

Hi, yes Sikkim Manipal University of Distance Education does provide distance MBA, if you have a 3 years of Managerial Work Experience, you will even get a lateral entry to 2 sem. For more details do visit our website. I hope I have answered your query. Have a great day

Is sikkim manipal university recognised?

Sikkim Manipal University Directorate of Distance Education is recognised by . University Grants Commission(UGC) . Ministry of HRD . Member of Association of Indian Universities (AIU) . Recognised by Distance Education Council (DEC)

How do you reach sikkim from hyderabad?

The only way one can reach Sikkim is by passing through West Bengal. So you have to take a flight for Bagdogra from Hyderabad. From there you can hire a local taxi as it is just 120 kms from there. . For more - http:/www.indiatoursguide.org/sikkim/how-to-reach-sikkim.html

What are the most famous plants and flowers of China?

Ginko Biloba Trees, Miss Kim Manchurian lilac, Chinese Wisteria Vines, Loropetalum, Peony plants, Plum Blossoms, Chrysanthemum flowers, Orchids, Bamboo Plants. The last four have symbolic meanings. Braveness, Modesty, Leisure, and Integrity in that order also known as "four men of virtue" or "four m (MORE)

When you can join the course of MBA from sikkim manipal university?

Hi, Sikkim Manipal University of Distance Education has two sessions in a year, one is in Jan and the other in July, the admissions are on for the Jan session, you can apply at one of the nearest learning center. For more details visit http://www.smude.edu.in. Have a great future..

Is Sikkim Manipal University approved by HEC?

The Higher Education Commission in Pakistan has not recognizedSikkim Manipal University. However, the university it approved bythe University Grants Commission of India's Department of HigherEducation.

Which is better sikkim manipal university or icfai?

Hi, Both the universities are equally good, but Sikkim Manipal Universities has good online facility and they have reasonable fees too, why dont you visit their website at http://www.smude.edu.in. Have a great future.

Sikkim manipal university regonised by ugc?

Hi, yes Sikkim Manipal University's Distance Education has UGC, DEC and HRD approvals. For more details do visit our website. I hope I have answered your query. Have a great day

Sikkim Manipal University Assignments?

Dear friend,Assignment and projects are a vital part of our MBA/MCA/BBA.... course.It is easy to secure 90%+ marks in it but the condition is that we have to submit a good quality material to your college/study centre. It is not a child's play to answer the assignments full of newly updated and to (MORE)

What is the population of sikkim?

Sikkim covers a total area of 2,740 square miles, and has anestimated population of 619,000. Sikkim is located in the Himalayanmountains.

Where sikkim stock exchange situation or address of sikkim stock exchange?

Dear All My mother is also a registered Broker under membership no 565 with The Sikkim Stock Exchange Association Ltd . Few years back its address used to be at Kundeh Khang Tibet Road Gangtok -737101 . I my self is put up in Delhi and which to have some more details regarding the present position (MORE)

Is sikkim manipal university fake?

Absolutely not. Sikkim Manipal University of Distance Education is not a fake university, It has UGC, DEC and HRD. Also it is considered as the one of the best universities in India for Distance Education for all the courses which includes MBA, MCA and various other courses.

Sikkim stock exchange phone no?

Dear All , I do not have Sikkim Stock Exchange present Numbers but do have annual reports for years 1992-93 , 1994-95 etc as my mother is a registered member member ship no 565 with stock exchange . How ever earlier many of the Brokers used to participate in public issues of companies . Mr Prathav (MORE)

Is sikkim manipal universityof shillong recognised?

i suggest it to be recognised in a few years ahead. SMU shillong canmpus is one of the branch inherited by the headquaters of manipal university in manipal,karnataka. but the sources are directly from the SMU Sikkim campus.

Correspondence MBA related details in sikkim manipal?

Sikkim Manipal University - Distance Education provides MBA in Finance, Marketing, HR, Information Systems, Banking, Retail Operations, Operations, Project Management, Total Quality Management and Healthcare Services. Its a 2 years course and the eligibility is graduation. Please visit their we (MORE)

What is famous about the plant the 'jumping cholla'?

The stem segments of this plant are loosely attached so when aperson or animal lightly brushes the plant the segment detaches andattaches to whatever brushed the plant. The spines are barbed muchlike a fishhook so the segments are difficult to remove withouttearing the flesh. It seems that the choll (MORE)

What is Sikkim stag?

Sikkim Stag Cervus elaphas wallichii : is a Red Deer and a close relative of The Kashmir stag ( Cervus elaphus hanglu ), also called Hangul. It is found in the Chumbi valley in Tibet-Sikkim border. Lastly this species was reported in Pangolakha area in Sikkim in 1991. Supposed to be extinct in In (MORE)

Why is jaques plante famous?

He created the goalie mask.After taking a puck to the head in a game against the Boston Bruins he was bleeding immensley.He refused to return unless he could where his mask.

What is putrajeevak plant famous for and its uses?

i heard from some soureces and from yoga guru baba ramdev that its helpful to women who are trying to get pregnant and who already had miscarriage/s. for more information see baba ramdev videos on youtube. Putrajeewak word means-son/child live or living.

Is eiilm sikkim university fake or not?

Its not a fake university . It is good university .yes, eiilm university sikkim is ugc, mhrd approved university. Distance program of eiilm university are bca,mba,ba in hospitality and tourism. Dec approval only for 2009-2010 session only. for more detail about Eiilm university regarding any query , (MORE)

Which distance university is better LPU or sikkim manipal?

LPU is a high tech university with quality education and a good faculty, here many schemes of scholarships and financial aids are offered , the best companies recruit the students, check its web site for its facilities in research, library etc

What is the famous plant in Egypt?

There are several famous plants from Egypt. Probably the three most famous are papyrus (the reed used for the first paper), lotus (the plant that was a mythic aphrodisiac and amnesiac), and swamp reeds (for use in constructing boats and baskets).

What is the most famous plant in South Africa?

Difficult as there are so many to choose from. The are a number which could be considered well known or famous(both nationally and internationally): The Baobab tree The Yellow wood tree Protea cynaroides (the national flower of RSA) The Leucopermum sp. (Sugar bush) The Clivia lilly (Clivia miniata (MORE)

Where in the world is Sikkim located?

Sikkim is a landlocked state in the north eastern part of the country of India. The terrain consists mostly of the Himalayan mountains. The state is bordered by Tibet, Bhutan, and Nepal.