Which of the ten most populous cities have more males than females?

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Phoenix, San Diego, and Dallas

Do males remember more than females?

Males and females basically remember the same amount. However malesare better at remembering non linguistic information while womenare better at remembering linguistic information.

Why were male composers more famous than female composers?

Because they were men, and their work was considered to be "better". When it comes to math & music, the difference between male and female brains is quite significant.. However, a more likely answer lies with the traditions and culture of the time. Women were simply not permitted such creative ou (MORE)

Why does color blindness occur more in males than females?

Colorblindness is not impossible in women. The gene is on the X chromosome. Males only have one X chromosome and though it may seem ironic that they have a better chance of being colorblind, they have a greater chance of ending up with the X chromosome containing the defective gene.

Why is the term urogenital more applicable to males than females?

Wiki : "In anatomy, the genitourinary system or urogenital system is the organ system of the reproductive organs and the urinary system. These are grouped together because of their proximity to each other, their common embryological origin and the use of common pathways, like the male urethra." (MORE)

Are there more male singers than female?

Both males and females have both the equipment and disposition tosing and so any disparity in numbers between them is a result ofculture. In different places at different times male or femalevocalists may be more popular and there will naturally be more ofwhichever is popular. One factor which inhib (MORE)

Do female dogs hump more than male dogs?

No, but it's not uncommon for female dogs to hump other dogs or people. Humping is not a sexual behavior necessarily; it can be a "dominance" behavior, but it can also simply be a form of play.

Are there more females than males in the world?

No, there are more males in the world. World wide, there are roughly 101 males for every 100 females. If you look at a break down by country, more countries have a higher number of females than they do males. See the related link for more information.

Do females smoke more than males?

I looked this up and the recent trends in smoking using graphs showed that males smoke more then females. I think....... I'm not sure. . Yes. Females do smoke more.

Are their more female astronomers than male?

No, so far thee have only been a few female astronauts. After being exclusively male for nearly 30 years, NASA began recruiting women as mission specialists only after the first few space shuttle flights. The Soviet Union's cosmonauts were predominantly male, but the first female cosmonaut Valent (MORE)

Are there more male narcissists than females?

please read the book Malignant Self Love on the Internet 75 to 25 that reported case only --- There tends to be. Due to underlying psychological differences, women are more likely to suffer codependency or borderline personality disorder instead. When women do have narcissism, they are more lik (MORE)

Are there more males than females?

Type your answer here... no Original deleted as wilfully offensive, and admittedly ignorant.Most populations of animals have approximately similar numbers ofmale and female offspring overall.

Are most females smarter than males?

yes most females are smarter than males i think it is because females are much more organized and alot of boys wanna be famous sport players so they think they don't need 2 be smart 4 that but that is not always true i know alot of boys who are smarter than me so its true in a way then its not. it d (MORE)

Is the female parent more important than the male parent?

With penquins, the daddy holds and protects the unhatched egg whilethe mommy goes off to eat. Typically, though, mothers provide food,so for at least a time, moms have great importance. Though humansneed both parents, many animal species don't even live togetherafter conception, for example, lions a (MORE)

Are male cats commonly more friendly than females?

I know from experience as a feral cat feeder in a trap, neuter and release program that male cats are less fearful and therefore become friendly more readily. It is part of their whole macho personality. I think it is inborn in females of any species to be more cautious and keep up their guard since (MORE)

Is there more female humans than male?

There is more female humans than males because they live longer and its a fact but the rate of being a boy is now 51% (as told in psycology textbook)

Are females more aggressive than males?

No why would you think that? The fact that males are more aggressive than females has to do with biological, psychological, and social factors. Research shows in addition that males are more likely than females to behave in an aggressive manner. There is evidence that differences in socialization, c (MORE)

Why is colour blindness more common in males than in females?

Color blindness is a sex-linked trait that is caused by a recessive gene. Sex-linked characteristics occur more often in males because they only have one X chromosome while females have two X chromosomes. The X chromosome holds much more genetic information than the Y chromosome. So, while females n (MORE)

Why does female whales weight more than male whales?

This isn't always the same. Some say that it is because they are adapted to be able to carry more weight during pregnancy. For example with blue whales females measure at 3 feet longer and the biggest whale was a female.

Why males more aggressive than females?

I am a male but I'll have to be honest. The answer to this question is that this is the difference of hormones which makes men/males so angry and aggressive. And also i want to say that the females have more maturity than males because the puberty in women/females starts earlier than males, and as (MORE)

Are there more females than males inflict self harm?

Yes. In fact, once over the age of 15, girls are twice as likely to become depressed than boys. This has to do with estrogen levels. More girls depressed than boys = more girls self harm than boys. This is not to say that boys do not, however, self harm. Because many do.

Are there more female leopards than male leopards?

yes an no female leopards come from a spices where leopards are living good and protected tere is many baby leopards made there beacuase ,many females live there wait e no humans live there its called the city and females are there to make babies

Why is ESR more in females than in males?

the zeta potential of the rbc's ( the negative charge on the rbcs) REPELLS the rbcs. so. if the number of rbcs is more, more will be the repulsion. females have a lesser blood count than males physiologically. do the rest math urself :-) cheers -JD

Do males text more than females?

Each member of the opposite sex would say that the other texts more than they do. Studies show that it is about even; though women use more characters and abbreviations where are men tent to text and drive more than woman.

Why is colorblindness found to be inherited into males more than females?

Most color deficiencies are sex linked, meaning the defective genes are on the sex chromosome. In this case, the X chromosome is affected. Since males only have one X chromosome, all males with this particular defective genes will have this condition. Females have 2 X's, it's unlikely that both X's (MORE)

Why do females cause more ASMR than males?

We do not know if this is entirely true yet, because ASMR is stillbeing studied. It has been suggested that females trigger more ASMRthan males because they have softer voices.

Do females cause more ASMR than males?

Both genders can cause ASMR triggers. However it is suggested thatfemales cause more than males. This is because females have anaturally softer voice and tone.

Do males cause more ASMR than females?

Although ASMR can be triggered by both males and females, it issuggested that females cause more ASMR than males. This is becausefemales have softer voices than males.

Why are females more likely to get chlamydia than males?

While reported cases are higher in females than in males, studies in the general population suggest that males and females are equally likely to be infected with chlamydia. Because routine screening of males is not common in general health care practices, their infections may go undetected more ofte (MORE)

Why do females love more than males?

Because it takes them a while to develop their feelings, whilemales can take faster to develop. So with slow development leads tostronger love.

Are there more female psychologists than male?

yes, there are more Female psychologists than male as women want aprofession where she can help by interaction and rewarding people.Women NEVER say what they mean, there is always some other motive,they know this and therefore study psychology to understand whatthey are saying to reach other.