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Which of the words is different traduce defame libel praise?

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What is libelled?

If you are "libelled" then someone has written  something about you that is not true.   If they do the same thing but say it rather than  writing it then the term is "sl (MORE)

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What is the difference between libel and slander?

They are very close to the same thing, but both have to do with defamation of character. Slander is spoken defamation, and libel is written, whether it is in the newspaper, a (MORE)

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What is the difference between slander and libel?

The difference between slander and libel is that slander is the spoken word, whereas libel is a written word i.e. newspaper, anything in the public domain. libel can be a crim (MORE)

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Define the word libel?

  In law, defamation (also called vilification, slander, and libel) is the communication of a statement that makes a false claim, expressively stated or implied to be fact (MORE)