Which of these Beatles songs was not banned by the BBC?

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come on can you please answer it? i need to do my homework!
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What are the songs of The Beatles?

I Want To Hold Your Hand . Please Please Me . Twist and Shout . Help! . Penny Lane . Yellow Submarine . All You Need Is Love . Paperback Writer . Let It Be . Hey Jude

Why did BBC ban the song lola?

The Kinks' "Lola," the best, most melancholic song about falling in love with a trans-woman ever, was only briefly banned, not because of content that the 1970's audience migh

Songs from The Beatles?

The Beatles recorded many songs. Here is a very extensive alphabetical list of their songs that were released as singles or on studio albums (excluding exclusively-Anthology s

Beatles story authentic BBC production?

'The Beatles Story' was indeed a BBC production from 1972. (Not to be confused with the US album 'The Beatles Story' released by Capitol Records in 1964), It was first broadca

Why do songs get banned?

Because someone with power or a LOUD voice gets offended, and thinks they know what's best for every one else.

What songs were in with the Beatles?

It Won't Be Long, All I've got to do, All My Loving, Don't Bother Me, Little Child, Till There Was You, Please Mister Postman, Roll Over Beethoven, Hold Me Tight, You Really G