Which of these is not a characteristic of Hindu art?

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Humans shown worshiping gods was not a characteristic of Hindu art.
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Why do Hindus have art?

Answer . Why not!!! Why does art exist? Art is an expression of our infinite potential limited only by the brush of the artists mentality and canvas of experience.

What are some Hindu characteristics?

Answer . Some of the main characteristics of the Hindu religion are: Devotion - Tolerance - Renunciation - Perseverence - Dedication to a Spiritual Cause. to name a f

What are the characteristics of arts?

Characteristics of ARTS:. - born out of a CONTEXT. - has a CONCEPT in thoughts and emotions. - require Technical Approach. - motivated by LOVE.

What are characteristics of Hindu sculpture?

Some of the characteristics of Hindu sculpture include elegant andrhythmic movement. Much of the work was accomplished in stone or inbronze with a variety of erotic sculptures

What are the characteristics of the Hindu god Murugan?

Murugan, who often appears in Tamil or heavily Tamil-influenced literature, is generally depicted as a youthful god and may be described as red in appearance. He is often sho

What are the main characteristics of Hindu religion?

According to Sacred Texts of Hinduism. Hinduism is a Religion ofpeace and ultimate truth. Life goal is to attain Moksha(liberation) from this life and break cycle of life and