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Which technology is used to dynamically map next hop network layer addresses to virtual circuits in a Frame Relay network?

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inverse ARP
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What is meant by connection state information in a virtual circuit network?

In a virtual circuit network, information exchange occurs in a dedicated path between the source and the destination. Each active path is given some Virtual Circuit number on

What is a hop in a network?

A "hop" has to do with network routing. If you are on a particular IP network, for example, and you need to get to, data must travel through a router.

What is true regarding network layer addressing?

The three correct options are:     3. Hierarchical   Explanation: By design, layer three addressing is hierarchical, as you can group hosts in different networks. 

Which portion of the network layer address does a router used to forward packet?

In theory, the part that indicates the network. In IP networks, this is the first part of the IP address. The size of the "network" part may vary; therefore, the router check

What is the Difference between datagram network and virtual circuit network?

Not a whole answer but a small try :) In a Datagram Network, there's no "network-layer-connection" between the two hosts. So Theres no garuanteed bandwith and the packets may