Which type of mutation is likely to have the least effect on an organism?

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A silent mutation
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Can a mutation have effect an organism?

It can have absolutely no affect, a bad affect, or even a good affect. . Deletion and Addition are frameshift : most harmful.

How can mutation effect an organism?

A mutation is caused by a change in genetic or DNA structure. A mutation can effect an organism in many different ways. Mutation from extreme exposure to radiation is horrifyi

What effects can a mutation have on an organism?

It depends what Element it is. Or what its based. There are endless possibilities on mutation. EDIT: Mutation can have almost any effect immaginable. Most of the time mutati

What type of mutation appears to have no effect on an organism?

A point mutation, in which one nitrogen base in a codon is substituted for another, may have no effect on an organism. This is true if the base substitution does not change th

What type of mutations do not effect phenotype?

Synonymous mutations. These are mutations that happen in the coding regions of genes that change one nucleotide for another. However, because of redundancy in the genetic code

Which type of mutation will probably have a larger effect a point mutation or a frameshift mutation?

Both types of mutation have the potential to cause a large effect. In general, a frameshift mutation is more likelyto cause a large effect. This is because it shifts the 'r