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The basic characters are the Griffin Family: Peter, his wife Lois, sons Chris and Stewie, daughter Meg, and dog Brian (who is anthropomorphic to a widely inconsistent degree). Peter's parents and Lois's parents (the Pewterschmidts) are recurring characters.

Their neighbors on Spooner Street have included:
  • Glen Quagmire (a sex addict and widower);
  • Joe Swanson (a paraplegic) and his wife and family;
  • Cleveland Brown (an African-American spun off into his own series after a messy divorce and subsequent death of his first wife Loretta);
  • Mort Goldman, his wife Muriel and son Neil (who is Meg's schoolmate);
  • Herbert (an elderly pedophile attracted to Chris).

Recurring characters also included Mayor West of Quahog (voiced by Adam West), James Woods (voiced by James Woods), crusty seaman Seamus, the Campbell family (nudists), and Death, the actual Grim Reaper.

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* Name List :
The Griffin Family:
Stewie Griffin
Bertram (Stewie's sperm brother)
Lois Griffin
Peter Griffin
Brian Griffin
Meg Griffin
Chris Griffin

Other relatives of the Griffins:
Francis Griffin
Thelma Griffin
Mickey McFinnagan
Nate Griffin
Lois's family:
Carter Pewterschmidt
Barbra Pewterschmidt
Carol Pewterschmidt
Patrick Pewterschmidt
Brians Family:

Cleveland Brown
Cleveland Brown Jnr
Loretta Marie Callender Brown
Mort Goldman
Muriel Goldman
Neil Goldman
Glen Quagmire
Joe Swanson
Bonnie Swanson
Kevin Swanson
Susie Swanson
Tom Tucker
Jake Tucker
Stacey Tucker
Herbert (the old pedophile)

Mayor Adam West
Horace (the bar man)
Consuela (the maid)
Carl (the guy at the Minute Mart)
Seamus (the half-wood half-man sailor)
Dr. Hartman
Greased Up deaf Guy (the crazy greasy man who runs round half naked)
Jonathan Weed (Peter's boss)
Fouad (an immigrant who likes jokes)
Opie (disabled co-worker)
Principal Shepard
Connie D'Amico
Mr. Berler
Mr. Fagus
Esther (Meg's friend)
Diane Simmons
Tricia Takanawa
Ollie Williams
Evil Monkey
Ernie the Giant Chicken
Frank Sinatra, Jr. (himself)
James Woods (himself)

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