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The Green Police was another name for the Gestapo during and before WWII. They were Nazi secret police that were in charge of internal security, together with the SS they caught and imprisoned Jews and other unwanted people.

The modern Green Police are an environmental task force comprised of collaborative law enforcement groups assembled to crack down on emissions in large US metropolitan cities.

It is assembled as the active arm of political debates amongst policy holders in the fight against climate change. Also, it is seen by agencies as some of the first real world action in the United States since the discussion in Copenhagen.

In the UK, the Green Police, based in Warrington, Cheshire, have the authority to call on the Environmental Agency's national network of hundreds of pollution inspectors, many of whom will soon be trained in CO2 monitoring. The Green Police will also be able to demand energy bills from utilities without having to inform the companies that they are being monitored. If that's not enough, the green police will also publish an annual league table ranking companies by their performance in cutting emissions. The intent is to "shame" companies into better energy efficiency.

In the United States, CAP & Trade legislation would mandate that "Green Police"/Government Agencies would have the right to Inspect your home. They would do the inspection every year at random and will not only charge you for the inspection, but fine you if you exceed a "carbon footprint". Should you decide not to pay them, or not have the funds, they will declare it "Unlawful" to reside in your own home. The reasoning behind this is not to protect the environment, but make the World Bank & International Monetary Fund & Rothschilds very wealthy.

This Energy Policy Act is part of Cap & Trade Legislation.

Verbatim Below:
The Energy Policy and Conservation Act (42 U.S.C. 6304).'(2) Each day of unlawful occupancy shall be considered a separate violation."

Read the Bill For Yourself, Don't listen to media on either side.
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