Who are the actors in the movie Mash?

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  • Donald Sutherland as Capt. Hawkeye Pierce
  • Elliott Gould as Capt. John Francis Xavier "Trapper John" McIntyre
  • Tom Skerritt as Capt. Augustus Bedford "Duke" Forrest
  • Sally Kellerman as Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan
  • Robert Duvall as Major Frank Burns
  • Roger Bowen as Lt. Col. Henry Braymore Blake
  • René Auberjonois as Father John Patrick "Dago Red" Mulcahy
  • John Schuck as Capt. Walter Koskiusko "The Painless Pole" Waldowski, DDS
  • Carl Gottlieb as Capt. John "Ugly John" Black
  • Danny Goldman as Capt. Murrhardt
  • Corey Fischer as Capt. Dennis Patrick Bandini
  • Jo Ann Pflug as Lt. Maria "Dish" Schneider
  • Indus Arthur as Lt. Leslie
  • Dawne Damon as Capt. Scorch
  • Tamara Wilcox-Smith as Capt. Bridget "Knocko" McCarthy
  • David Arkin as SSgt. Wade Douglas Vollmer/PA Announcer. (Note: In the movie, Duke called him "Lee".)
  • Gary Burghoff as Cpl. Walter "Radar" O'Reilly
  • Ken Prymus as Pvt. Seidman
  • Fred Williamson as Capt. Oliver Harmon "Spearchucker" Jones
  • Michael Murphy as Capt. Ezekiel Bradbury "Me Lay" Marston IV
  • Timothy Brown as Cpl. Judson
  • Bud Cort as Pvt. Lorenzo Boone
  • G. Wood as Brig. Gen. Charlie Hammond
  • Kim Atwood as Ho-Jon
  • Dale Ishimoto as Korean doctor
  • Bobby Troup as Sgt. Gorman
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What actors were in MASH the movie and the TV series?

There were four actors who appeared in both the M*A*S*H movie and the TV series. Two of them who maintained the same roles were: . Gary Burghoff (Radar O'Reilly) . G. Wood

What actors played Hawkeye and Trapper John in the original movie mash?

1970 comedy/drama about life in a Korean War field hospital . Donald Sutherland as Capt. B.F. 'Hawkeye' Pierce . Elliott Gould as Capt. John 'Trapper' McIntyre . Tom Sker

Was Richard gere in mash the movie?

I think I saw him as one of the guards, standing against the wall, as the two main characters were going into the Col office when they went to Kokura Japan to do surgery.

Who played painless in mash movie?

The music was written and performed by Johnny Mandel while the eerie lyrics of "Suicide Is Painless" were written by Mike Altman, the 14 year old son of the film's director.