Who came first Augustus Caesar or Julius Caesar?

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Julius Caesar came first. He was the great uncle of Augustus Caesar.
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Why did Julius Caesar adopt Augustus?

Caesar adopted Octavian, his grandnephew, because he had no male heir (not counting the son he had had with Cleopatra since the Romans would have never accepted him as ruler).

How did Augustus Julius Caesar die?

Augustus Caesar died as they say of "natural causes" . He caught a chill and developed a fever, which, judging from the description of the ancient writer, Seutonius, was proba

What do Julius Caesar and Caesar Augustus have in common?

1: Bloodline; Augustus was Julius's great nephew whom he adopted as his heir. 2: Rule; They were both generals in the army before being raised to a ruling status. Also they bo

How was Augustus Caesar like Julius Caesar?

The two men were alike in their determination to succeed and their political shrewdness. However, Octavian/Augustus was the more successful of the pair, as he had the common s

What does Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus do?

Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus or as he is commonly called, Tiberius, was the second emperor of Rome and had the unenviable job of following in the footsteps of Augustus. The

How are Augustus and Julius Caesar alike?

The two men were alike in that they were both excellent politicians. They knew the value of keeping the goodwill of the common man. Both were generous in their gifts and in th