Who clolonized Hungary?

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Clolonized? If you mean colonize answering your question needs a little explanation.

Hungary is a European country. Throughout its 1000+ year history Hungary has been a regional and -as part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire- a Great power. It hasn't been colonized by anyone. It has been occupied at various times but never colonized. Around 400AD the Hunnic empire made the Carpathian Basin their home base. See Attila. Part of that empire were the Hungarian (Magyar) tribes. This empire disintegrated. In the 9th century AD Magyar tribes arrived again and colonized the area once and for all, establishing a strong viable christian nation.

When we talk about colonization we generally mean European powers colonizing less developed parts of the globe. See English or French or Spanish colonial empires colonizing the Americas Africa or SE Asia.
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Hungary is in Central Europe, bordered by Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia Croatia and Slovenia.

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Community Answer 1 Hungary is in Eastern Europe. _____________________ Community Answer 2 Hungary is in Europe. It is located in the center of thecontinent.

How did Hungary get its name?

The Hungarian name for the country, Magyarorszag, comes from theMagyar tribe who were the original peoples of the region. The nameHungary derives from Ugrian, which are people

Who found Hungary?

The explorer who founded Hungary was named Ignaz Semmelweis. Hefounded Hungary on July 1, 1818. He originally founded the city ofTabán in Hungary.

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Hungary has many different types of landscapes and habitats. Someof these include shore, steppe, saline, marsh, and floodplainhabitat.

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yes i am Hungary Hungary is the name of a country where i live. What is the question? :D are you hungry? Are you from Hungary? Very Hungary. Go make me some Tu

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Magyarország (The Hungarian name for their country) is derived from the Magyar tribe that settled in Hungary. The Magyar tribe was one of the many tribes united under the H
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Hungary is divided into counties, not states. There are nineteen counties in Hungary: . Bács-Kiskun . Baranya . Békés . Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén . CsongrÃ
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Because you are a Land Locked Eastern European Country, capital Budapest.