Who did James Buchanan defeat in the election?

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James Buchanan (Democrat) was the 15th President of the US, elected in 1857 - he defeated John Fremont in the general election. By the way, Mr Buchanan was the only US president who never married.
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By how much did James Buchanan win his election?

He received only 45 percent of the popular vote, he won the entire South except for Maryland. On the other hand, Fremont, who carried 11 of the 16 free states, came in a stron

Why did James Buchanan win the election of 1856?

The opposition Whig party split up over slavery. The new Republican party had not yet developed an effective national organization and were too closely associated with the a

How many votes did James Buchanan have in his election?

James Buchananwon the 1856 presidential election defeating John Freemont. In the1856 presidential election James Buchanan received 174 electoralvotes and John Freemont receive

What day was the election of James Buchanan?

On November 4, 1856, Democratic Partycandidate James Buchanan won the 1856 presidential electiondefeating Republican Party candidate John Fremont and AmericanParty candidate

What was James Buchanan election platform?

Slavery was the major issue in the 1856 election. Democratic Partycandidate James Buchanan endorsed popular sovereignty giving thepower to determine the legality of slavery to
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Who voted for James Buchanan in the election of 1856?

Buchanan ran as a Democrat which party had a national appeal and had been strong in the South with Jackson , Polk and Taylor as a counter against northern abolitionists. Furth
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When was the election of president James Buchanan?

On November 4, 1856, Democratic Party candidateJames Buchanan won the 1856 presidential election defeatingRepublican Party candidate John Fremont and American Partycandidate