Who did the knights serve?

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The knights served their King.

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How do you get knighted?

The way a person becomes knighted is by honor and choice of theQueen. She then goes through ceremonial knighting by having theperson kneel and tapping them on the shoulder wit

Who did the knights serve why did they serve?

According to the code of Chivalry, knights in the middle ages would learn to fight and serve their leige lord. Knights should be brave and show qualities of loyalty and genero

What is a boy who served a knight?

He was a young noble boy in service to the knight and in training to become a knight. This started around age 7 or 8 and continued until full knighthood at 21.

Did knights serve kings and serfs?

Yes according to the vows he made when he was dubbed a knight had to serve is liege and the peasants as well. he would more respectful to his king of course. This doesn't re

Who served Templar knights?

The Knights Templar had squires to serve them. Their squires differed from those of other knights, because they were not in an apprenticeship and did not normally become knigh