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Who did the knights serve?

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The knights served their King.

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What is a sentence for knight?

A knight was a mounted warrior in Europe in the middle ages.

What do you do as a knight?

The knight was one of three types of fighting men during the middle ages: Knights, Foot Soldiers, and Archers. The medieval knight was the equivalent of the modern tank. He wa

What were knights?

knights are warriors in armor who fight on horseback for the lord/king for a trade and he would have to be loyal to the king and in return would receive a house or money only

How can you be knighted?

There were different ways to become a knight. In some cases, a person of high enough standing could join an order of knights much the same way people today might join frater

What did the knights have to do to become a knight?

When a boy reached the age of 7-8 that is when he got introduced to sports such as hunting, riding and wrestling to build strength and stamina and take lessons in chivalry and

Where did knights practice?

They had practice grounds set up in and around the estate.

What are the duties of the knights?

The duties of a Knight included managing the parcel of land designated by the various fiefdoms as vassals, providing armsmen and military support to the ruling regent (the kin

What did knights do for entertainment?

Knights went to banquets and feasted. They were also part of an important dance with beautiful women meant only for knights.

Why were knights important?

Knights were under their lords, they went to war for the lords, and in return they were rewarded land, so that they could earn money for their armor and weapons... The knights

What do knights wear?

silk leather shoes boots helm mail coif coat metal rings called chain mail partial plate Gothic or Italian full plates bronze steel

Can a Jew be knighted?

Not historically however in national orders such as the Order of the British Empire there have been Jewish knights and also in the Papal Orders there have been knights in such
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How were knights important?

Knights were a central part of European feudalism during the middle ages. They were often land owning vassals (class who were given grants of land by the Lord in extange for m
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How long do knights have to be knights?

A knight is a lifelong title, pretty much like "general" or "captain". It was/is a military type title, and those who were knighted were considered to be important to the defe

Can a knight be captured by a knight?

Indeed they could, it was the accepted honorable way of making war, especially when the captured knight was a man of high standing. A knight who took a hostage could claim an