Who did the knights serve?

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The knights served their King.

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What did knights do?

They were land owners in the middle ages. Many peasants worked the knights' lands. They followed a code of Chivalry, but many strayed from the code, and were malicious. During times of war, they would fight, mainly on horseback. They were at the bottom of the Nobility rank list:(from wikipedia) Emp (MORE)

What was a knight?

A knight was the lowest rank of nobility in medieval europe. Knights were usually bound by a chivalric code in which they were asked to "Protect the weak, defenseless, helpless, and fight for the general welfare of all". In warfare, a knight would be heavily armoured and mounted on horseback, servi (MORE)

What is a serving?

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Can knights knight each other?

Only if that Knight had a strong position in society (ie he was a Baron, Earl, Duke, Prince, King, Pope, Doge, President), He is a Sovreign of a Order or has permmision of the Sovreign to knight a Squire. or If the clergyman presiding over the knighthood is a Bishop.

Who can be knights?

Only those of noble birth able to trace their lineage backwards to a satisfactory root. .

What is a knights job?

A knights job is to protects it's people ANSWER: A knight's job was to protect the interests of the Lord or Ruler he worked for, by any means necessary. Many knights used their power over the serfs and vassals to their own benefit, and many were very cruel and power-hungry. Things eventually got (MORE)

Become a knight?

Becoming a Knight: There were only a few ways in which a person could become a knight. The first way was the normal course of action for the son of a noble: When a boy was eight years old, he was sent to the neighboring castle where he was trained as a page. The boy was usually the son of a knight (MORE)

How do you get knighted?

The way a person becomes knighted is by honor and choice of theQueen. She then goes through ceremonial knighting by having theperson kneel and tapping them on the shoulder with a sword beforegiving them an insignia.

What are servings?

A helping of food or drinking. We normally translate servings as a portion for food and as a dose for drinking.

How can you be knighted?

There were different ways to become a knight. In some cases, a person of high enough standing could join an order of knights much the same way people today might join fraternal organizations. One order I know of that did not require special military training was the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mar (MORE)

What is serve?

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What is a serve?

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What is a knight?

( A KNIGHT ) SOME ONE WHOM SERVS A RIGHTFULL KING OR MASTER AND WAERS SILVER STUFF, KINDA LIKE A GAURD DOG IN ARMOR knights are warriors in armor who fight on horseback for the lord/king for a trade and he would have to be loyal to the king and in return would receive a house or money only one f (MORE)

What is the difference between a papal knight and a knight knighted by the queen?

The Papal Knighthood ( there are or were various grades of nobility) was purely honorary and not a real title of nobility. One should not confuse the idea of a Papal Knight with the on occasion armored Swiss Guards, who are members of the Swiss Army and in fact a special unit. there are plainclothes (MORE)

What did the knights where?

Knights are an army made up of cavarly (horseman) and wearring armor, warriors who fought on horseback. They were a formidable fighting force, anoble who did military service as mounted warrior. The knight was a noble of second class that belong to nobility

What did knights do to become knights?

A knight was a noble boy who went into knight training at 7 or 8 years old and became a page. At 13-14 years old he became a squire and finally at 21 he became a full knight. ------------- A squire became a knight when he proved worthy of that title in battle at the eyes of his master/knight.

What were knights for?

Most people think that knights were just men who rode on horses all day, but that is incorrect. The medievil knights can be compared to todays modern tank. They were covered in multiple layers of armor and could plow through anyone standing in their way. Knights were the wealithest of soldi (MORE)

What do you do as a knight?

The knight was one of three types of fighting men during the middle ages: Knights, Foot Soldiers, and Archers. The medieval knight was the equivalent of the modern tank. He was covered in multiple layers of armor, and could plow through foot soldiers standing in his way. No single foot soldier or ar (MORE)

How long do knights have to be knights?

A knight is a lifelong title, pretty much like "general" or "captain". It was/is a military type title, and those who were knighted were considered to be important to the defense of the country. Today those who are knighted are made knights because of their outstanding service to their country.

How do you get a knight on valhalla knights?

I've been looking things up and it said you must kill greater demons to get a knight card. . If you are referring to Valhalla Knights : Eldar Saga, I can help you out as I have played this game ALOT. If you're referring to VK 1 or 2, I cannot help you. For VKES, you simply need too complete th (MORE)

What does a knight have to do?

a knight is a fighting man with special privileges. to become a knight a boy usually had to be of noble birth. boys were selected for knighthood at an early age. they were then sent to a castle to be trained un like u lolzzz (just joking)

How did the knights learn to become knights?

Knights started out as a page at the age of 7, his parents would send him off to a castle of another lord. He waited on hosts and learned court manners. He played chess to learn war strategies and also practiced sword fighting. The knight would then become a suire around the age of 14. He acted as a (MORE)

Who did the knights serve why did they serve?

According to the code of Chivalry, knights in the middle ages would learn to fight and serve their leige lord. Knights should be brave and show qualities of loyalty and generousness.

What does a knight?

A knight served a lord or a king in medieval times. In times of war, a knight was expected to fight. Knights followed a code of chivalry, meaning they had to act with honor, bravery, courtesy, and loyalty.

Why is Danny knight a knight?

There's no real way to tell. You can only search his name on Google Images to know for sure. That is an offensive term.

How do you get the knights on Astro knights island?

The three knights have traveled to the three planets on the Queen's list. Each Knight has one of the Mystical Weapons to help you defeat the creatures on the planets. If you beat the planet, the knight will acompany you on your quest. You must defeat all three planets, and have all three knights wit (MORE)

How can be a knight?

first go to the king okay then defeat some dragon or something like that then well i don't really no bye You're wrong. In order to be a knight, there are 3 steps: Page, Squire, and then Knight. Only by true masterful domination of each of these steps will lead to the completion pownage of the knig (MORE)

What did the knights have to do to become a knight?

When a boy reached the age of 7-8 that is when he got introduced to sports such as hunting, riding and wrestling to build strength and stamina and take lessons in chivalry and religion. Eventually at 13 he would be assigned to a veteran knight as a sergeant-esquire where he would have looked after h (MORE)

Where are the knights on astro knights island?

If you follow the coordinates that the Queen gives you, there should be planets at those locations. The knights are on those planets (jungle, ice, and fire) and each has one of the Mystical Weapons for you to use. Jungle Planet : X-15 Y-15 Ice Planet : X-73 Y-83 Fire Planet X-83 Y-20

How do knights have?

GO TO FIRST GRADE! HAVE WHAT?!?!?! Have money? YES! Have amazing good looks? YES! HAVE WHAT?!?!?!

How do you get to the knights on Astro Knights Island?

You will find a knight on each of the planets on the Queen's list: Sir Cador - Jungle Planet (get the Laser Lance from the jungle) Sir Gawain - Ice Planet (gives you the Force Shield) Sir Peleas - Fire Planet (gives you the Ice Arrow) When you defeat the large (boss) monster on each planet, the kn (MORE)

To who did knights have to be loyal to and why?

Knights were nobles and they were nobles because a king gave them land and power. So, they had to be loyal to this person or they would loose power, land, and titles. In some cases also their life. ----- In theory, knights were supposed to be loyal to whoever knighted them, usually a king, but s (MORE)

What is a Saracen Knight?

The Saracen knights were the Arabian knights who were living at the north of arabian peninsula and north of Sinai ,, after that during the crusades this term was used as the name of any Muslim knight

What is a knight professor?

Knight Foundation has established endowed chairs in journalism attop universities nationwide. The chairs are leading journalists whotake positions as tenured professors within academia. They practicejournalism, teach innovative classes, and create experimentalprojects and new programs that help lead (MORE)

How did knights became knights?

Knights became knights through their intelligence's, bravery and coordination and much more. The King would have to be be very impressed with their natural talents. They would be knighted by the King and from then on, they would be referred to as a sir and be considered a VIP.

What is a boy who served a knight?

He was a young noble boy in service to the knight and in training to become a knight. This started around age 7 or 8 and continued until full knighthood at 21.

Did knights serve kings and serfs?

Yes according to the vows he made when he was dubbed a knight had to serve is liege and the peasants as well. he would more respectful to his king of course. This doesn't relate to this question but a ton of the medieval food quetsions are really of the mark. They didn't eat what they had for brea (MORE)

Who served Templar knights?

The Knights Templar had squires to serve them. Their squires differed from those of other knights, because they were not in an apprenticeship and did not normally become knights, but were just servants. Also associated with the Knights Templar were sergeants, who were members of lower social classe (MORE)

How do knights eventually become knights?

It was thought that only when one discovers the true fear, or sees the death in face he truly becomes a knight/men. This is because the early medeival torunaments were very cruel, many knights died, it was only there that you truly became a knight. When a squire (knight in training) became knight (MORE)