Who discovered Histoplasmosis treatment?

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Samuel Taylor darling
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What is histoplasmosis?

Answer . Histoplasmosis is a disease caused by the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum . Its symptoms vary greatly, but the disease primarily affect the lungs. . Answer .

Who discovered the treatment for type 1 diabetes?

Dr. Frederick Banting a surgeon from Toronto, Ontario, Canada initially came up with the idea to use insulin in October 1920 and in early 1921 he took his idea to Professor Jo

Who discovered treatments for flu?

caramenta affle - bente discovered treatment for the flu. funfact: she was my great great great aunt she lived in parice France

What are the symptoms of primary histoplasmosis?

The symptoms are usually mild and resemble those of a cold or flu; fever, dry cough, enlarged lymph glands, tiredness, and a general feeling of ill health. A small number of p
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Why treatment of cancer is not discovered?

Because most of the survivors have employed variety of treatments and medications, also some medications are not applicable to all. I think research is still ongoing on the wo