Who documented the funeral oration of Pericles and the history of the war between Athens and Sparta?

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Thucydides did the first part up to 411 BCE, Xenopon covered the rest to 404 BCE.
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What war was between Sparta and the Athens?

The Peloponnesian war which stared at 431 BCE and lasted until 404 BCE. The Spartans won this war but could not exploit the benefits of their victory as they were too weak to

What was the war between Sparta and Athens about?

Athens had established an empire based on the anti-Persian league it led. It became more and more intrusive on neighbouring cities of the Peloponnesian League led by Sparta, w

Who documented the funeral oration of pericles?

Pericles wrote the speech as a sort of standard Eulogy for war heroes who died in the defense of (Greek) Democracy. It opens: Our form of government... In some ways it can be
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What was Pericles funeral oration?

After the first year of the 27-year Peloponnesian War he addressedthe people at the funeral of the casualties of that year, making ita rallying call and encouragement to persi
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What points were made in Pericles' funeral oration?

That they could win the war with the Peloponnesian League which hehad precipitated, and that the widows of the war dead should stopmourning, and he undertook the state would h
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Why was Pericles' funeral oration written?

It is the written record of a morale-boosting address he gave asencouragement to the people of Athens at the end of the first yearof what was obviously going to go on for a lo