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"John Milton's masque (dramatic entertainment) 'Comus' (1634) gave rise to the current proverb with the lines, 'Was I deceiv'd, or did a sable cloud/ Turn forth her silver lining on the night?' Charles Dickens, in his novel 'Bleak House' (1852), recalled the lines with 'I turn my silver lining outward like Milton's cloud,' and the American impresario Phineas T. Barnum first recorded the wording of the modern saying in 'Struggles and Triumphs' (1869) with 'Every cloud,' says the proverb, 'has a silver lining.'"

Thus, Phineas T. Barnum, in 1869, was the first to write the proverb that is said today, but the concept behind it dates back to John Milton's masque in 1634.
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