Who gave the name Greece to Greece?

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The Romans.

The greek colony of Graecia located in south Italy was the first to comunicate with the Romans and so the Romans named the whole nation out of the citizens of that Colony. Greeks called (and still calling) themselves 'Hellenes'.
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What is Greece?

a country in europebeside the Adriatic sea. You should know that!

How did Greece get its name?

The name 'Greek' is in fact ancient as well, as the famousphilosopher Aristotelis verifies: " ...and she was not there forever, but after the cataclysm ofDeucalion, which occu

How do you get to Greece?

Greece is located in the south-east landscape of Europe.The most popular ways you can get to Greece by plane,by ship,by train or by car.

How Greece got the name Greece?

The word Greek was used from the Latins. According to Mythology, it comes from Graekon, son of Defkalion and Pandora. Aristotle mentions that they were living in Greece and la

What does greece have?

Not to be mean but maybe you should use a textbook 9if ur in school) or go to the library

Why was Greece named Greece?

From mythology, Greece, is named Hellas. "Hellas" is the name that we Hellines (Greeks) use when referring to our country; in simpler terms, "Hellas" means "Greece" in Helli

What is Greece named for?

i do not really know, after some founding fathers i guess, back in 5,000 bc. our ansectors must have found greece.

What was the name of Greece before was called Greece?

The name "Greece" is the English name for the country, the Greek name for the country (the original one) is "Helinika" (this is obviously not in the greek language but i made