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Who in ancient Rome is remembered for their efforts to restore the roman republic?

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Julius Cesar and his adopted son Octavian which the senate changed to Augustus
Although Julius Caesar and Augustus worked to improve the lives of the Roman people, they did not work to restore the Roman Republic. The Republic refers to the time in Rome's history where its government was made up of elected officials, and not headed by any one person. Julius Caesar, actually, was the man who ended the Republic by making himself dictator of Rome.
So, to save the Republic, Brutus (who Caesar thought was his friend), along with several other senators, successfully assassinated Caesar. However, instead of the Republic being restored, a long civil war began, at the end of which, Augustus became the single leader of Rome, although he shared some power with the Senate, so that he wouldn't meet the same fate as his father by adoption.
Long and the short of it, Brutus and several senators who killed Caesar were the ones who tried to save the Republic.
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