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The M4 is a shorter version of the M16 rifle, which is the military designation of the Armalite Rifle. Eugene Stoner is generally credited with the creation of the Armalite.
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Is the M4 carbine and the M4 A1 the same?

They are not the same. The M4A1 was first issued to U.S troops in 1997. It is more reliable than the M4 and has a fully automatic fire capability.

The m4 carbines compensator?

The M4 carbine, as issued to military and government forces, do not have a compensator. It has a flash suppressor, which is typically of the A2 "birdcage" type common to the M

Why is the m4 carbine not a rifle?

By definition, a carbine is a short rifle. The standard M-16 has a 20" barrel, while the M-4 has a 16" barrel. A number of US Rifles have had carbine versions, with the notab

What is the range of the m4 carbine?

Effective ranges are 500 metres for a point target, 800 for an area target.

How many springs are in the M4 Carbine?

Springs are found in the following location on the M4, M16, and all AR15 pattern rifles: Buffer assemblyForward assistEjection port coverExtractorBuffer detent Bolt catchHam

Where can you buy a M4 Carbine?

Very few transferrable ones were made prior to the Firearm Owner's Protection Act of 1986 (the legislation which, among other things, prohibited the continued manufacture of f

How can you get an m4 assault carbine in California?

To put it simply, you can not. If you want a rifle that looks/functions like an M-16/M-4, but is semi-automatic, then it must have been an AR-15 imported into California and r

Where did the M4 carbine originate?

In the United States. It's origins lie in the problematic XM-177 carbine. Replacing the 10 inch barrel and bulbous flash suppressor with a 14.5 inch barrel rectified some of t