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There is evidence of the basic umbrella being used over four thousand years ago in places like ancient Egypt, Assyria, Greece and China. They were originally designed and used for shade against the sun. However, the Chinese then used wax to waterproof them so they could be used in rain. Initially, umbrellas were for the use of women only. However, a Persian traveller called Jonas Hanway used an umbrella in public for thirty years. This made the invention more popular with men.

It is said chang li hua invented the basic umbrella and there is also proof that he had invented the basic umbrella in books and handwritten objects.

It is very improbable historically, but it has been postulated, though never proved, that it had been invented in Italy by a man named Umberto Rella, who named his invention after himself using a combination of portions of his first and last names: Umb rella.
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Who invented umbrella?

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The umbrella or parasol was invented over 4,000 years ago. Evidence from art and artifacts show that it was used in Greece, Egypt, China, and Assyria. The term umbrella (fro

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To block sun or rain. In French hand other european languages the umbrella has two names: parapluie, which means against the rain, and parasol, which means against the sun.

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Legend says he was out on a rainy day and he saw some kids running with big leaves over their heads to protect them from the rain. He then got an idea that he should invent so

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