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Khalid al-Mansour is a Muslim and black nationalist who is rumored to have close ties to President Barack Obama. According to reports in 2008, Al Mansour sought to raise funds for Obama's Harvard education. The reports made at the time have been denied.
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Who is khalid bin walid?

he was one of the commander of the early rashidun chaliphate during the early Islamic conquests and one of the most successful general in history.he first defeated the rebels

How arabic name 'mansour' pronounced?

Man-soor! if you pronounced the name mansour like it is you will be confused with the "our" so in order to get the name pronounced right try "Mansoor"

Hakim Qazi MA Khalid?

Hakim Qazi M.A. Khalid,Secretary General, Council of Herbal Physicians Pakistan and unani medical officer

Is Khalid Boulahrouz Muslim?

yes Khalid Boulahrouz (born December 28, 1981, in Maassluis, Netherlands) is a Dutch footballer of Moroccan descent, who plays for the Netherlands and Chelsea of the English P

What is the price of al khalid pak army tank?

This is not the usual question we are asked on this site. If you national army will not tell then we cannot help you. Please do not ask this question on this site again.

Who is Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan's wife?

Mansoor has two wives. He married Alia bint Mohammed bin Butti Al  Hamed in the mid 1990s.   He married Manal bint Mohammed bin  Rashid Al Maktoum in may 2005   Mana

Which tank was best Pakistan al khalid or India arjun?

On paper at least, the Arjun is the superior tank. It's able to withstand a 125mm frontal strike at near point-blank range, the British 120mm rifled gun outperforms the Soviet

Who is Khalid Awan?

Khalid Awan, a Canadian citizen and native of Pakistan, in December 2006, after a two week trial in federal court in Brooklyn, NY was convicted of "providing material support"