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He was a famous German painter, sculptor, graphic artist and poet. A prolific artist, Ernst is considered to be one of the primary pioneers of Dada movement and Surrealism
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When was Max Ernst born?

Max Ernst was born on April 2, 1891.

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When did Max Ernst die?

Max Ernst died on April 1, 1976 at the age of 84.

Who did Max Ernst marry?

  He was married four times:     1918 - 1926 Luise Straus   1927 - 1935 Marie-Berthe Auranche   1937 - 1940 L Carrington not married   1941 - 1943 Peggy Gu

How tall was Max Ernst?

  This seems to be a new fad: asking the height of famous artists. Sadly this information is very seldom available. And, one might add, not very important for judging the

Where did Max Ernst live?

In Germany, France, New York, Arizona, South of France and in Paris (where he died.

Who did Max Ernst influence the most?

I would have to say that the artist most influenced by Max Ernst would be Jackson Pollock. He spoke several times of Ernst influence and considering Pollock's Abstact Expressi
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What is Max Ernst best known for?

Max Ernst was an artist in the Dada movement and was most well known for his art events and his collages. One of his most notorious art events included being staged in a publi
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What is Max Ernst primarily known for?

Max Ernst is primarily known for his influence on the Abstract Expressionism Movement of New York. Max Ernst's arrival in New York, along with other European painters such as

What has the author Max Ernst written?

Max Ernst has written: 'Max Ernst, 1891-1976' -- subject(s): Exhibitions 'Journal d'un astronaute millenaire' 'Aus unserem Leben an der Penne' '24 Frottagen' 'Paramy