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Rohan Rathore - A True Eternal Lover
Rohan Rathore was a student from the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwhati, India. He had terminal cancer.

He wrote and sung a song 'Emptiness' for Supriya - a girl he loved more than anything and anyone in the world. Unfortunately, she didn't return his love. He sang about his hurt and longing, and even though they don't end up together, this song was something he felt he had to do. He died just 15 days after recording the song. Truly a very painful love story.

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What happened with rohan rathore?

he died in a car accident ---- He didn't have a car... the rumour is that he died of terminal cancer 15 days after composing the song, but the best part. Rohan Rathore did

What is the story of Rohan Rathore?

Rohan Rathore was a student from IIT Guwhati. He was a true lover and was madly in love with his girl. One day all of a sudden he fell sick and was told that he had terminal

Is rohan rathore dead or alive?

Yes He Is Dead and His Girlfriend Also commited Sucide. But we really miss Rohan Rathore i did'nt knew him.. but his song 'EMPTINESS' crazed me.. his song whenever i heard

Who is rohan rathor?

The mystery of Rohan Rathore Neha Sharma, Hindustan Times New Delhi, February 25, 2011 First Published: 16:40 IST(25/2/2011) Last Updated: 02:26 IST(26/2/2011) â

Is rohan rathore dead?

Rohan Rathore doesnt exist............... Its a fake name used to just gt publicity for the song. The song was sung by Gajendra Verma

How did rohan rathore died?

he suffered from a tragic illness called joshitus. it came beecome common form gaining weight; popular symtons may inclue: dating faye hanging out at the amplitheter wearing s

What is the real story of rohan rathore?