Who is Samantha's mother on Bewitched?

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Endora, played by Agnes Moorehead.
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Who is Samantha's father on bewitched?

The name of Samantha's father was Maurice (I don't think we ever learn Sam's maiden name) and he was played by Maurice Evans who also played Dr Zaius in the film 'Planet of th

What was Samantha's cousins name on bewitched?

Serena... Serena was known for wild,hippy style. In one episode Endora wishes Samantha was more like Serena so she puts a spell on Samantha to make her feel everything Serena

Who played Samantha's son on bewitched?

Adam Stephens was played by Greg and David Lawrence. These boys were a pair of adopted twins, who later found out that their father was Tony Curtis.

What was Samantha's cousins last name on bewitched?

We're never told. Endora tells Darrin that he'd never be able to pronounce her last name and I think that is the most we know about any of the witches' last names, with the ex
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Who is Samantha's identical cousin on Bewitched?

Samantha's identical cousin was Serena, played by ElizabethMontgomery, who also played Samantha. When playing Serena, theblond Montgomery would wear a dark wig. Note that Mont