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Sophie Turner (born February 21, 1996) is an Australian fashion, runway, swimsuit and glamour model. Sophie began her career on the Network Ten's 'Search for a Supermodel' (Australia) in 2000-2001, and moved on to model for Ford Models in USA. She has appeared on multiple runways worldwide, as well as in a variety of fashion and glamour magazines.
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Who is Sophie Simmons?

Sophie Simmons (actress born July 7, 1992) is the daughter of Gene  Simmons (bass guitarist and vocalist for the rock band Kiss).

Is Sophie turner hot?

Most people would consider Sophie extremely attractive. She is a highly published swimsuit and glamour model.

Is Sophie a nickname for Sophie?

It depends- it can be if you want but it can be somthing completely different it depends on what your friends and family call you really! (I think)

What is Sophie about?

Sophie is a young happy person who likes cheese! she lives in Newcastle and loves cats... shes a cat lady... she loves kabeer with all her heart!
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Who is Sophie patching?

companion of katherine lee (see wiki answer for details) who loves to whip her tit out and squirt nutrients in any direction. u will see her on the ground in your local neighb