Who is the dictator of Iran?

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There is no dictatorship in Iran. Iran is a democracy based on Islamic law. Islamic law restricts freedom of pornography in society. Most Iranians are Muslims and agree to these rules. Some of the people of Iran do not agree to these rules and want more freedom.
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What is a dictator?

It is an absolute ruler- they generally have an authoritarianstance on leadership, and will bypass all offices and systems topush through the legislation they wish to. History has shown us many dictators like Adolf Hitler, SaddamHussein, Yosif Stalin. All these dictators had no competing leaderswhi (MORE)

Where is Iran?

Iran is in the eastern part of the Middle East which is in Southwest Asia. Iran is bordered on the North by Armenia, Azerbaijan & Turkmenistan. On the East by Afghanistan & Pakistan. On the West by Turkey & Iraq. It also borders the Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman & Caspian Sea.

Was Hitler a dictator?

Hitler as a dictator He was an evil dictator who started the bloodiest war in history and killed 6 million Jewish people (Holocaust). He was successful at being a brutal dictator who took advantage of the downfall of a country and manipulated its people. He used scapegoating tactics to turn his (MORE)

Why become a dictator?

Because the country you are going to control is in so much chaos that having a dictator would be better than the absence of law and peace. This does not mean that remaining a dictator is best for the country, although once a person becomes a dictator s/he becomes intoxicated with the power and refus (MORE)

Who is the worst dictator?

This is an opinion question. I'd say Josef Stalin of the Soviet Union. He took over all the same countries Hitler did. He had prison labor camps like Hitler. However, Stalin ruled much longer than Hitler, killed more innocent people and killed completely indiscriminatly, as well as executing those c (MORE)

Who was the dictator of Europe?

There were various dictators in Europe during the second world war. Hitler(Germany) is the obvious one, but you also had Mussolini(Italy), Stalin(Russia) and Franco(Spain).

Who is the dictator of the U.S.S.R.?

There were several, the main ones were as follows: Joseph Stalin- till 1953 Nikita Khrushchev- till 1964 Leonid Brezhnev- till 1982 Yuri Andropov- till 1984 Konstantin Chernenko- till 1985 Mikhail Gorbachev- till the office was abolished The ones that you'll have heard of the most would be Stalin, (MORE)

How are dictators?

A person that has absolute powers over a country (and it's people); normally without their consent.. Dictators "Take" power. If the government is weak enough, and an individual knows the inner workings of the "weak" government, he can "work" his way thru the maze of politicians and key people (mili (MORE)

Which are the Countries that have dictators?

For these purposes dictators are described as leaders who hold power not won or subject to removal in periodic democratic elections, who are not in power by virtue in inherited position or the backing of a broad based single party system. Concrete steps putting these countries firmly on the path to (MORE)

What does dictation mean?

Almost completely obsolete now, dictation is the process of writing, usually in shorthand, a spoken passage, usually a letter, by a secretary from her boss. . The advent of email has almost eliminated the process, since bosses are now expected to create and send their own correspondence themselves. (MORE)

Is napoleon a dictator?

Technically no, he was a Emperor, who was mostly liked/loved by his people, but in a literal sense, yes, he exercised absolute power.

Why is there dictators?

there are dictatorship because eople think that a dictatorship isreally good or even exellent because they like to kill people andkill themselves

What is there to do in Iran?

You could visit the ancient ruins of Khashayarshah, Persepolis, or the modern architecture of Teheran! Or even go out to a restaurant since Iran has some of the most delectable foods! Go site-seeing! My list would be endless!!!! So...go to this youtube link to see heaps more cool things to (MORE)

When did Iran become Iran?

Iran was originally called Persia, it was one of the very first empires in the world, at a time, it ruled most of the known world. Later Reza Shah changed the name to Iran, meaning noble, some time during his reign in 1935.The name Persia was used for Iran by Greeks . While Iran was called Iran by i (MORE)

What was Iran called before it was Iran?

Until 1935 Iran was officially known as Persia. However, Iran and Persia was used interchangeably until 1979 after the revolution. Edit: the name Iran have been used since Maads. it means Land Of Aryans

What is a dictat?

it is spelt diktat: an order or decree imposed by someone in power without popular consent

Was churchill a dictator?

Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of the temporary wartime Parliament of the United Kingdom for King George. He could never be a dictator in a monarchical government.

Does Lebanon have a dictator?

Why the hell would we have a dictator?Ohh i see,you think we'relike those other countries that kill gay people on sight,wellyou're wrong. It's a free country/ .:When Dictatorship is Fact,Revolution is Right:.

What made them a dictator?

Well first it was just Hitler, but then made a gang called the 'Nazi's'. That gang grew bigger and bigger until it captured Poland. It was an Anti-Jew gang but anyway he then become the leader of the Nazi's. He then ran for council. He was elected and he slowly grew power to become dictator of Germa (MORE)

Who was the dictator of Latvia?

Latvia (being independent) has had only one dictator. His name is Karlis Ulmanis. After that, being affected by war, Latvia has been in both - Russia's and Germany's jurisdiction.

Who was the dictator of Australia?

Despite what some people may think, Australia has never had a dictator. Since Federation, we have been a Constitutional Monarchy with regular democratic elections.

Was Roosevelt a dictator?

Yes roosevelt was in-fact a dictator. Although during his presidency he concealed his illegal torture methods it was later discovered he forced his subjects to submit to his authority and killed millions who defied him.

Do Brazil have dictator?

No, not anymore. But from the 70s to the end of the 80s we were under military dictatorship (during which the CIA sent agents over to help keep the dictatorship in place -eg they taught professional torturers how to properly torture someone, among other things).

Who does the dictator consult?

Nobody. That`s what makes him or her a dictator. A dictator will most likely have close advisers and consultants but they are of his or her own choosing.

Why did the Romans have dictators?

The purpose of the Roman dictators was to settle matters if the consuls should reach a deadlock or to prevent split command among quarreling consuls during a military emergency. They were later used for command in the event of absent consuls.

What is running dictation?

The game implemented in this reseach is running dictation game. Running dictation is spelling game (good for teamwork, thinking and memory skills, as well as application of spelling rules).

How are dictators created?

A dictator might have been a good person at first. When a leader is in power for a really long time his mentality changes, thus creating a dictator. Two things create a dictator, being in power for too long and unlimited powers, as in absolute monarchy where the leader has right to do anything.

What is the noun for dictate?

The word dictate is both a noun and a verb. Example uses: Noun: The dictate of my conscience is to tell the truth. Verb: I'm your boss and I dictate what your job is.

What is the affixes for dictation?

On howrse the affix is in a way like branding your horse. It makes it easy to tell whose horse it is and often times popular breeding groups will use the same affix name but with a different character next to it. Example: someone's breeding group decideding on jumping for joy, one person could use (MORE)

Why did the Shah of Iran leave Iran?

The Shah of Iran abdicated because he felt that he was no longerable to hold back the Islamic Revolution; it was too widespread. Ithad become apparent by Black Friday (September 8, 1978), that therewould be a confrontation between the Shah and the Revolutionariesof all stripes. The Shah ultimately d (MORE)

What is the synonym of dictate?

speak, say, utter, read out command, order, decree, demand, direction, fiat, edict principle, law, rule, standard, code, criterion, maxim

When was Stalin a dictator?

He gained a role in politics at 1924, but he slowly fazed others out until he was the only one left. He gained full power sometime between 1928 and 1932. His reign ended at his death in 1953.

Who has a dictator today?

Paramount dictators of countries include: . The succession of Raul Castro, who took over for his father, Fidel, who has fallen ill and incapable to lead, as President of Cuba. . Muammar al-Gaddafi of Libya, who refuses to step down amid air-strikes from the U.S. and France, and rebel opposition. (MORE)

How do you dictate a sentence?

1. His natural urge was to dictate the country- after all, they knew nothing and he was practically a god. He would take over. 2. Dictate one's will to a weaker nation. 3. The Capitol dictates the rules of the Hunger Games. 4. I dictated while everyone was writing down my poem.

Who was a dictator?

List of dictators: Idi Amin Dada in Uganda Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany Francisco Franco Bahamonde in Spain Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno in Panama Pol Pot in Cambodia

What a dictator is and when was a dictator appointed rome?

The dictator was an extraordinary magistrate (office of state) appointed by the senate through a decree it issued by the senate when there was an emergency. His term of office was 6 months and was restricted to dealing with the emergency and his remit was defined by the senate. Dictators were given (MORE)

What connection Iran have does Iran have to government?

Members of the Iranian government (minister) president elected by parliament for a confidence vote to be introduced. After examining a confidence vote in parliament toministers. Iranian President and the Parliament are elected with the votes of the people.

Was Sparta a dictator?

Sparta was therefore not as much of a totalitarian state as a modernity dictatorship like North Korea.

Who are Iran?

Iran is country, not a person. It is located in the eastern part of the Middle East.

What did Mussolini do as dictator?

Benito Mussolini was dictator of Italy during the second World War. He banned all other political parties in Italy except his own, the Facist Party. A famous quote about him was: "He made the trains run on time."

Who is a dictator in Rome?

A dictator in ancient Rome was a legally appointed man who had supreme authority. A dictator was only appointed in times of crises when the senate and the consuls could not agree on a solution. This was generally in times of war. The terms of office for a dictator were six months but could b renewed (MORE)

What is the dictator cannon?

a dictator cannon is something that was used in the wars and to blow up other territorys so pretty much it was a weapon back when they didnt have guns and it some times had a little string you lit on fire and there was some sort of gun powder at the end and it made it fire or they just pulled a stri (MORE)

Who do dictators answer to?

Nobody. Dictators rule with Absolute Power, such as Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin. They answer to no one and if anyone complains about the way the Dictator is running the country, that person usually wins up in prison or is killed.

Why did the Romans have a dictator?

There were times when the senate could not agree upon the methods to use to solve a problem or crises. These occasions were usually in times of war when speedy action had to be taken. The ancient Roman senate consisted of from 600 to 900 men, most of them old, liking to hear their own voices an all (MORE)

How were the dictators chosen?

Dictators were chosen by a debate and then a vote in the senate. Dictators were chosen by a debate and then a vote in the senate. Dictators were chosen by a debate and then a vote in the senate. Dictators were chosen by a debate and then a vote in the senate. Dictators were chosen by a debate an (MORE)

Who was an authoritarian dictator?

Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and Joseph Stalin were all authoritarian dictators and the military staff of Japan acted as a junta.

Is there good dictators?

This is more of a opinion question, but as far as a description of a dictator is, probalbly not.

How did Iran become Iran?

Iran was originally known as Persia until 1935 when the Shah ofIran Reza Pahlavi asked the international community to address thecountry by its name used internally before that: Iran. This was torepresent the modernity of the new state. In the Iranian (or Islamic) revolution in 1979, Iran officiall (MORE)