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Who played robin in the movie batman and robin?

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If you are referring to the Batman and Robin from 1997, then it was Chris O'Donell
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How did Robin die in the movie Batman and Robin?

He was still alive at the end of the movie. It is believed Joel Schumaker had a fifth film for the series planned at the time until it was rebooted by Christopher Nolan years

Will Robin be in the next Batman movie?

No he will not because director Christopher Nolan does not want him involved in the stories for the current series as they are about Batman in his early years of fighting.

Did robin play drums on Batman?

He attempted to, in a scene as Dick Grayson, but he failed, as he  didn't know how to play. It was one of those "lesson" scenes.  Sorry, don't know the episode.
In Batman

How old was Robin when he play on Batman?

There are lots of potential answers to this question, so I guess Iget to pick which I want to answer. Robin in the comics is on Comic Book Time. That is, he's ofvariable (and