Who sailed from Europe then back to Europe?

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Many explorers have done it, most famously Christopher Columbus. Many ordinary sailors have done it too, so it would be impossible to list all the people who have done it.
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Direction Columbus sailed from Europe?

When Columbus first left Europe, he sailed to the southwest. Hisfirst stop on most of his journeys was the Canary Islands. Columbusmade four journeys to the New World from Eur

What explorer sailed from Europe to Africa?

That explorer was Bartolomeu Dias . He sailed from Portugal to the tip of Africa which King Joa`named the Cape of Good Hope. I hope that I helped you ~ Oliviabbie

What was Columbus seeking when he sailed west from Europe?

History says a new passage to the orient. But some believe Cloumbus's father was a Free Mason, and they knew of the "New World" and had been there. So Columbus's father told h