Who sings I need you so girl?

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The singer of this song is Tommy McLain
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What does a boy need to do so that a girl will know for sure that he likes her?

just have a friend tell her that you like her alot. or you can just be really nice to her and smile at her in the hallway. yeah you can do that but all i did was ask her out a

What do you say so you can defend a girl if you need to in middle school?

\n. \n. \nIt depends on what your defending for.\n. \nIf its on bullying:\nSay "How bout you just go and bother someone else" or\n"If you got nothing nice to say, just dont

Why are there so many Chinese girls that need to be adopted?

because in china you can only have one child and the parents wantthat child to be a boy because the boy can carry on the family nameand the girl does not. That isn't to say bo