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Who was a famous 6th century Phoenician explorer?

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Herodotus does not name the sailor who led the circumnavigation of Africa in about 600 BCE.
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What are the Phoenicians most famous for?

Inventing an alphabet to replace syllabic writing. This alphabet is  the basis for the Greek and Roman alphabets, and ultimately the  alphabet we commonly use today.

Who was a famous person in the Phoenicians?

I would say that the most famous Phoenician would have to be Hiram I of Tyre (980-936 bc). Mentioned in the Bible as a friend and trading partner of King Solomon of Israel. Un

What did the Phoenicians do?

They did a lot! One invention is the alphabet. Many people think that the Greeks did that, but really the Phoenicians did, and later, the Greeks adopted the Phoenicians alphab

What were some famous explorers who explored Georgia?

The earliest European explorers of Georgia were Spaniards. Cabeza de Vaca, who broke off from the obsessive conquistador Narvaez, explored along the line of what is today the

Who was a famous 12th century philosopher?

Some famous 12th century philosophers include:    Adelard of Bath  David of Dinant  Dominicus Gundissalinus  Joseph Kaspi  Abu al-Hakam al-Kirmani  Joane Petrizi 

Who were the Phoenicians?

The Phoenicians were a Semitic people who established an early  civilization - from about 1200 BCE - on the Mediterranean coast  near what is now Lebanon and western Syria w

Phoenicians did what?

They created the idea of Phonics, or using sounds with their "alphabet" in order to dictate their spelling and also translation from the paper to the mouth. Besides that, the