Who was pope in 1979?

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Pope John Paul II was pope from 1978 to 2005.
John Paul II (Karol Józef Wojtyła) 1978-2005
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Who are the popes?

The Pope is the Bishop of Rome, thus the worldwide leader of the Catholic church.

Who is the Pope?

The current pope is Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He took the name Pope Francis I . Pope Francis was 76 years old when he was elected to the head of the church on March 13, 2013. He

Why are there popes?

Any institution requires a leader or visible hierarchy in order to function. This is natural to human nature and is thus present in human society and social groups. When Chr

Who was our pope?

I have no idea what you are asking. From 1978 to 2005 Pope John Paul IIwas our pope. When he passed away Pope Benedict XVI was elected and, when he retired, Pope Francis was e

What are the pope?

The bishop of Rome and head of the Roman Catholic Church on earth.

Who is are pope?

A pope is the leader of the Catholic church, like a pastor for the Christian church or a Rabbai for the Jewish church.. Benedict the sixteen.

Why do they have popes?

to teach us about God and be the boss of the church. but of course god is the #1 head of the church then the pope

When were there no Popes?

The Quick Answer: There were no Popes before Christ, because The Office of Peter (the Papacy) was established by Christ while He was still alive. The Real Question: Who was

Who is the pope and what does he do?

The pope is the Vicar of Christ. He occupies the seat of Peter, and is essentially Christ's chief apostle and leader of His Church here on Earth. The pope is also the Bishop o
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Who can be Pope?

Any validly baptized Catholic male can be elected Pope. However, before he could actually assume the office he would have to be ordained a Priest and consecrated a Bishop if t
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Why not to have a pope?

Because it is not God's way. God set up a system in which we can pray directly to Him. Jesus is our mediator, and go-between. No one else is needed.
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Are you the pope?

There is normally only ONE pope. There have been two occasions whena pope has retired, one of which was Pope Benedict XVI in 2013, whoresigned over health concerns and was suc