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Who was the creator of Dorian Gray?

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Oscar Wilde
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Where did Dorian Gray keep his picture?

  He kept it in several places throughout the book. At first, it was greatly admired and he loved to look at the perfection of it, and he kept it in public. But as it bega

How does sybil change in the picture of dorian gray?

When Dorian first sees Sybil Vane, she is an actress on stage - she is an art; however, when Dorian and Sybil meet, and Dorian confesses his love to her, something in Sybil ch

What was the historical context in 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'?

Historical Context  Aestheticism and Decadence  Aestheticism was a literary movement in late nineteenth-century France and Britain. It was a reaction to the notion that all

In The Picture of Dorian Gray what book did Lord Henry give Dorian?

The title is never given, just the fact that it is yellow and "a French novel that charts the outrageous experiences of its pleasure-seeking protagonist". Thus we can assume t

What is the conflict in the story The Picture of Dorian Gray?

There are several conflicts in The Picture of Dorian Gray. One of  the main ones is the conflict between appearance and reality.  Dorian is an exquisitely beautiful man, who

The moral of The picture of Dorian gray?

In my general opinion this novel presents to as a list of morals. I would prefer one.   Beauty is really a gemstone. It is listed among the beautiful things of the life. Yo

The Picture of Dorian Gray what was the relationship between dorian and lord Henry?

  Lord Henry always kind of controlled Dorian. He wanted to be to Dorian what Dorian was to Basil. Dorian probably wasn't even aware of how highly he held Henry, and never