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Who was the oldest women to give birth ever in history?

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A Romanian woman named Adriana Iliescu. She was 66 or possibly 67 years old at the birth of the child. She used fertility treatments of some sort to get pregnant. There is much speculation whether she should have been allowed to use those treatments.
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Who was the oldest lady to give birth in the Bible?

the oldest lady ever to give birth in the bible is a 55 is the when the bible says that you're allowed any more babies but there is a lady (the name isn't etioned in the sorry

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N0- some women are infertile. For different reasons, they are medically incapable of getting pregnant, or giving birth.

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Because in some cases of pregnancies, women are Proponents and believe that this method is safe and provides many benefits for both mother and http://www.answers.com/topic/inf