Who will win master chief vs halo reach?

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master chief. the whole noble team died in the end of reach. master chief hasn't died in any of the halo games yet. he has much better training than them too
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What is master chief of halo?

He is a spartan. He was kidnapped by the military at the age of six. they trained him for combat with 75 other children. by the age of 14 they did argumentations on them. making them stronger faster smarter. less then half of them died because of it. but the ones that survived, they gave them a suit (MORE)

Do you get to be master chief in halo wars?

In Halo Wars, there are a number of Spartan II's still alive. Master Chief was a Spartan II, so he may be helping out, but you cannot play as him. However, you can play as other spartans, like Lucy, a sniper, ect. Each spartan has a signature weapon (in campaign), like a spartan laser, a gun turrent (MORE)

Does master chief die in halo?

well dude you clearly havn't finished halo 3 or you have finished halo 3 but wasnt patiant inouf to wait for the credits to finish wait for the credits to finish and then woopdie do mc [master chief] aint dead

Does master chief have relatives on halo?

No. Master chief, has no relatives or known parents. He is abducted as a young boy to be trained and engineered into a Spartan. He doesn't even remember any siblings or relatives at all.

Master chief from halo?

Master Chief is from Halo Halo wars masterchief was not in due to him at young age halo 1 is when masterchief is first seen on the Piller of Autem Halo 2 is when he is seen 2 and you dont play as him the whole game. halo 3 is the best part of masterchief he is seen in that game Most people think he (MORE)

Is master chief in halo war?

Master Chief is not in Halo Wars. However, there are three main Spartan IIs in Halo Wars and Spartan IIs who are unnamed that you can train for your army.

Where do you get LEGO Halo master chief?

A company named "Lego" has a Master Chief Halo figure listed on Amazon at the moment (March 2011) http://www.amazon.com/HALO-Master-Chief-Navy-Blue/dp/B001L18CK2 This may not be an official Lego product. However, it will interchange with Lego pieces. It is a complete figure. If you wish to make (MORE)

Is master chief in halo reach?

Yes, he is aboard the Pillar of Autumn, but doesnt do any missions because he is in a iscolation chamber. You can only see him one time on the pillar of autumn, he is a secret Easter egg in the game. Yes. Yes he is

Is the master chief in halo reach?

yes he is except he is wearing halo 2 armor ------------------------------- Partly Yes , Partly Wrong. (Don't Listen to the guy who typed above this.He knows only little about halo) Real Answer - Yes Master Cheif is in fact In Halo Reach , But He's Wearing the Mark V Armor. Because After Reach (MORE)

On the game halo who is master chief?

The main character who you play as. If you were thinking about getting it, don't.Trust me I've played games in the series including the first one and it is a fanboy piece of crap.

Does master chief die in halo reach?

No, he can be seen in an isolation chamber in the last cut scene as an Easter egg in the game. The pillar of autumn takes off from reach, then lands on halo which is where the story of halo 1 begins.

Does master chief come back in halo reach?

The Master Chief is alive during the time. But the seige on Reach was directly before Halo.Captain Keyes launches the Pillar Of Autumn into slipspace, and finds Halo.Before orders to return to the Autumn, Master Chief was under heavy fire, and his teamate Kelly was shot by a plasma blast. When Kelly (MORE)

Is Master Chief in Halo 4?

He survives if you beat the game and wait for the credits to end (you might want to get something to eat or drink because it takes forever) at the end master chief climbs into a cryo tube. the same in halo combat evolved and takes a little nap. So yes he is alive . If you play it on Legendary it wil (MORE)

Will there be a knew halo with master chief in it?

Master Chief in half of the frigate on Halo 3 legendary ending appears over a forerunner planet but i don't remember the name that someone said on a youtube video, but there is a strong possibility that there will be a Halo four or some other name ( SO if any of you bungie people are seeing THIS plz (MORE)

When is master chief in halo reach?

Speculation Last cut scene hold the right thumb stick to the right and you will 'look' right and see a Spartan in a Cryo tube This is most likely Linda and not John but take your pick, there the only 2 left

How do you get master chief armor in halo reach?

Play continuously enough to gain the ranks require to unlock the armor he wears. I believe you should have all his armor by brigadier or general [give or take a rank or two] once it is visible AND unlocked you need the amount of credits required to get that helmet to wear.

Where is master chief in halo reach?

behind you At the final cut scene(signaling the end of the game)on the level The Pillar of Autumn, hold the right stick right, and when it shows the inside of the ship, to the right if you move the stick you should see a futuristic casket with Master Chief laying inside of it(Dead or Sleeping??? (MORE)

Is master chief alive in halo reach?

there is an easter egg in reach, before the mission lone wolf. in the last cut scene when commander keis's pelican flies into the pilar of autumn if you hold your joystick to the right the screen will turn and you will see master cheif sleeping.

Is master chief make halos?

Sorry, Your question makes no sense whatsoever. If you mean " Did Master Chief Make Halo " Then no. Master chief is a fictional character ( Fake Person ), Bungie made Halo.

How do you get master chief helmet in halo reach?

you have to be a brigadier to unlock master chiefs helmet the cost is 300,000cr so save up at colonel At the rank of Brigadier online, you may purchase the Mark VIhelmet for 75,000 cR in the armory.

Will master chief be in halo 4?

Master Chief was woken from Cryogenic Sleep by Cortana, and he got sucked into the Forerunner world of Requiem. He crash landed and that is also how he saw the UNSC Infinity crash land on the same world.

Who would win hulk vs halo reach?

Hulk would probably win since there is no limit to his power and he destryoed all of Azgard (Thor's kingdom) so I would say A Hulk.

How do you get master chiefs armor in halo reach?

There are only a few armor pieces available that were worn by Master Chief. This includes the MJOLNIR Mk. V shoulder pieces, which require a Brigadier ranking, 100,00 credit for the left shoulder piece, and 80,000 credit for the right shoulder piece. The remaining armor is the MJOLNIR Mk. VI helmet (MORE)

What state was Master Chief in Halo from?

The Master Chief was not from a State in the USA, or even from earth! He was lived in Elysium city, on the colony world of Eridanus II, until he was six years old.