Who would win in a fight a warthog or an orangutan?

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Neither! Warthogs are from Africa and orangutans are Asian. They never meet in nature.
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Who would win in a fight with the Hulk?

Iron Man, Silver Surfer, Wolverine, Batman, Thor, Havok, The Thing,Doctor Doom, The Fantastic Four, Superman, Namor & Spider-Manw/ the Power Cosmic have all beaten Hulk.

Who would win a fight thor or hulk?

Thor because 1. Hes a GOD ( not really) 2. Hes a GOD ( not really) 3. Hes in an accociation with Arnold Swarschanaeggar and Sylvester Stallone. Thor would lose if he fought the Hulk, Thor would be a tuff match,but Hulk would still win because Hulk can pick up Thor's hammer if Thor fights him long e (MORE)

Who would win in a fight me or a shark?

It depends what sharks we are dealing with if we are dealing with aGreat White Shark then you will lose the fight. But if it is aGreat White but is stuck on land or stranded on a boat then thatmight be you.

Do giraffes fight lions would the lion win the fight?

Giraffes would rather run to avoid a lion than fight one. Their long legs and statures can take them quite the distance, but if there are a pride of lions that are hungry enough to take on a giraffe, especially one that is sick and/or weak, then they will stop at nothing to bring it down.

Who would win in a fight a grizzly bear or a fighting bull?

The grizzly bear would most likely win the fight with the bull, but the bull would injure the grizzly bear by those horns, hooves, and head. Fighting bulls are bred to fight, and will actually do ANYTHING it can in its will-power to kill that thing that is in its line of fire, be it man, bear, dog (MORE)

Who would win in a fight you or your gran?

Hmmm. tough one. My granneh haz eh BIG THICK LEATHER BELT that she ain't afraid the use on us, where abouts I haz the ultimate steel fist that could knock her dead on her feet. But since I love mah granneh, and I wouldn't never hurt her, I'd say she'd most likely win. ~whispers~ and cause shes ol (MORE)

Who would win in a fight a wolf or Doberman?

Both can win a fight, but most of the time the wolf wins because it is stronger. It depends on the size and health of the doberman, but a wolf would do its best to kill the doberman. A large doberman with sharp teeth can kill a wolf, since it is big and aggressively trained to fight. The wolf can al (MORE)

Who would win in a fight a rhino or giraffe?

Although fairly equally matched in different ways, a giraffe would probably win. The power behind a swing of the neck would be more than enough to knock down a rhinoceros. Plus the rhino would not be able to get close enough to do any serious damage, due to the long reach of the giraffe's powerful l (MORE)

Who would win in a fight scream or Freddy?

freddy would defeat ghostface [thats the actuall name] because freddy has powers and ghostface dosent hes just an insane serial killer but freddy can only attack people while there slepping so i dont think ghostface has a chance at all

Who would win in a fight batman or thor?

Thor would win because of his strenght and from his hamemr. Eventhough Batman can escape scenes in the dark knight but he can'tescapse a explosion of ligtning.

Who would win in a fight god or zeus?

God would. 1. Zeus isn't real, he is just a myth. 2. If he was real he would be a different form of God, and then this question would be pointless. 3. In mythology Greek gods have weaknesses, problems and limits. According to the Bible God created the world and is perfect. Thus, God would w (MORE)

Which of the teletubbies would win in a fight?

No one, they will all be having a great big pile on when suddenly Noonoo will come out of nowhere, sick and tried of having to clean up their tubby custard he (or she, or it) will just suck them all up and dump them all in a junk yard (or wherever Noonoo puts the waste)!

Who would win in a fight an at or a leg from a hobo?

I would not wish to demean our homeless itinerent workers by casting any aspersions of the efficacy of their leg's combat abilities, however the Empire's All Terrain Armored Transports are rather large. I think I shall have to go with the AT ATs, unless the hobo leg in question belongs to an out of (MORE)

Who would win in a fight to the death?

If you mean a fight between a lion and a gorilla, it would be unlikely to take place- they live in different areas. Either COULD kill the other- but my money would be on the lion- since they are predators, and better at killing prey. But in the end, the only CERTAIN winner would be the vultures- sin (MORE)

What would win in a fight a aligator or a shark?

an shark will win because an shark have little teeth but their sharp and they body size is 10000 pounds but aligator pound can go up to 900 but aligator have big teeth but its not that sharp like an shark teeth

Who would win a fight Athena or Zeus?

Zeus would because really all Athena has is battle plans. She can't really execute any battle plans and Zeus has something more powerful than a nucleur bomb: the lighting bolt.

Who would win in a fight tiger or human?

human we have tanks and nukes :) When we refer a fight of a man and an animal like a tiger obviously we are talking about a man with no weapons. Only the breath of a tiger could kill a man. A tiger can pull a bufallo weighing one ton for hundred of meters easily. On the other hand, a very stron (MORE)

Who would win in a fight deathstroke or deadpool?

There is a lot of debate about this because Deadpool unfortunately is a copy of deathestroke. Never the less Deathestroke has no powers and deadpool has a super healing factor no matter how much deathestroke hurt deadpool if deadpool wanted him dead he would not stop.

Who would win in a fight a Jaguar or a lion?

While the jaguar is a faster and more agil and athletic cat the jaguar well have no chance going one on one with a male lion but that does not mean that the jaguar can't outsmart the lion if a jaguar was hunting with another of his own kind which is very unlikely the jaguar can actually ambush the l (MORE)

Who would win in a fight batman or punisher?

This is a fight that has featured in the comics already. Bruce Wayne's Batman allows Castle one punch and then takes him out. That simple. Castle has enormous tactical skills, lots of training and equipment and recently absolutely no moral compass and as such he is capable of monstrous acts that f (MORE)

Who would win in a fight Superman or Mewtwo?

It depends on which incarnation of Superman and Mewtwo one is referring to for their abilities and strengths differ tremendously upon fictitious reality they are inhabit. For example the Silver Age incarnation of superman is capable of traversing the universe at faster than light speeds, withstandin (MORE)

Who would win in a fight deathstroke or blade?

That would be a glorious battle. Both of them has great fighting skills, weapons, enhanced strength, and a healing factor. All that considered, I think Blade could just barely beat Deathstroke.

Who would win in a fight out of Apollo and Neptune?

I really wouldn't want to know; for which would you prefer - flooding and drought by Neptune's whim, or plague and sudden death and the withering of crops from too much light/heat and no inspired music from Apollo? That is what happens when those sorts of gods get angry in mythology.

Who would win in a fight the hulk or galactus?

That would be a good fight but I'll put my money on The Hulk. I mean afterall World War Hulk beat almost ever Marvel character and if you see the movie "The Avengers" Hulk destroys everyone including the following below: Captain America Thor Iornman Giantman and Wasp At the end They one because Bett (MORE)

Who would win a gorilla or an orangutan?

One would assume that each person in a contest to win one such animal would have an equal chance, which can be found with the equation %\chance= 1/n *100% where n is equal to the number of people in said contest, e.g. if there are 10 people in a contest, then the chance of any one person winning wou (MORE)

Who would win the fight panther or andaconda?

A fully grown anaconda would win. That's like asking if a boa could take down a bobcat. Gotta remember, snakes are used to hunting things with claws and teeth. And no feline can strike without getting close enough for the snake to wrap itself around and squeeze. Ultimately, this comes down to a ques (MORE)

Who would win in a fight between a warthog and a panther?

Wild pigs like the warthogs can put up a very good fight. Their tusks are long and sharp, and they also can deliver a painful bite, not to mention they are VERY fast and aggressive towards any kind of threat. Against a panther, especially in a head-to-head combat, it is likely that the warthog will (MORE)

Who would win a fight a large warthog or three wolves?

Three wolves would win the fight because the large warthog could not manage two other wolves that attack from the behind. One wolf would distract the warthog and try to bite its nose to injure it, so the other two wolves on the back could kill it with ease. Even if the warthog has tusks, the three w (MORE)

Who will win in a fight between a warthog and a man?

If the man is unarmed, likily the warthog unless the man can get to a place the warthog can't reach him. A warthog on the rut can easily kill a man with its sharp tusks and sharp hooves. However, a man with a sharp hunting knife would be able to kill the warthog if he was not gored by the warthog's (MORE)