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"This track I wrote for my fans and is about how they inspired me. Listen to the words… It means a lot. I wrote it on my birthday - it was midnight in the studio and Scooter wanted to sing happy birthday to me but I was like 'no, let me finish this song!'" Words from the man himself.
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What is Justin Bieber's favorite song on his album My World?

His favorite song from my world is "Down to Earth" and his favorite  song from My world 2.0 is "Up".   Justin Bieber's favorite song of my world is 'One Time' since it 

What is Justin Bieber's blood type?

The amazingly talented boy has a blood type of AB+ Justin Drew Bieber's blood type is A+ AB+

When did Justin bieber's mom have Justin?

Justin was born March 1, 1994. This was a month before his mother's 18th birthday. (She was born April 2, 1976.)

Who wrote justin bieber's songs?

Contrary to popular belief, Justin Bieber was the main writer of all 12 of his songs (including Baby and Eenie Meenie) on his latest album, My World 2.0. He was also the prima

What is Justin Bieber's new album?

My World Acoustic its out at walamrt check there its called My World 0.2, its going to be in stores on March 23th, 2010.It's songs are : 1-somebody to love 2-stuck in t