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  • People of old age, Unemployed, blindness, physical handicaps, delinquent children, and other dependents.

  • People who already have retired; people who are disabled; survivors of workers who have died; and dependents of beneficiaries all receive Social Security benefits.
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How does Social Security help retired people?

It is a supplement, along with other savings and assets to provide the retiree with sufficient funds to live comparatively comfortably after their working years, when they are

How did social security help Jack the Ripper?

Jack the Ripper was an Englishman in 1800's London. Social Security was created in the United States in the 1930's. They are not related in any way or by any means. So, the an

How does social security help the elderly?

Social Security isi paid in by a percentage on the working days of a persons life. Then at age 62 (maybe age moved up recently) you receive that money back in monthly payments

Would a lawyers help get you more on your social security?

You would hire an attorney to assist you in getting Social Security Disability if you are under 62 and feel you are disabled and cannot work anymore. The attorney would help p