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Why Can't I Insert Camera Memory Card?

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Well we are going to need more info what kind of camera is it what is its model number what kind of memory dose it use but here are a few things you can try make sure its the right memory make sure you are inserting it correctly is it upside down do you have the quick start guide it will tell you everything you need if you don't have any idea go to the web page of the company it came from like if its Sony go to there web sight and search for your camera they should have a quick start guide for camera they sell if all that fails there should be some way to contact them in there web site e-mail them or get there customer service line but I would e-mail them first it could take a long time on hold good luck.
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Where do you insert the memory card?

It depends in what? In a phone it's usually in the back near where the sim goes. In a camera it's usually at the side and in games consoles it varies, if you cant see an obvi

Why can't a digital camera hold pictures without a memory card?

The memory card is what the digital files are stored on. If you have no memory card in your camera there is nowhere for the camera to store the files. It is like not putting a

Where do you insert your memory card on your hp?

If you mean to increase the internal memory - MOST laptops have a 'hatch' on the underside - secured by a small screw.

How do you insert a memory card into a laptop?

Open the disk tray. Pull the disk tray out of the track - it will seem as if it won't come out, but just pull firmly and it will slide out. If it's not coming, apply some down

How do you get a memory card out of a camera?

It may be in a place in your camera that has an opening, not the place to charge, but a bigger place perhaphs. In the corner there is a little card, 1 inch-2 and that may be,