Why He cheated on her with me then cheated on me with someone else?

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Blokes cheat with whoever they have access to. Surprisingly, many male cheaters are not very picky with women they cheat with, frequently cheating with women that are way below the status of their current girlfriend in looks and intelligence. Sometimes men cheat simply because there's an opportunity. Typically they are commitment phobes who only care about "fun", guys with low self esteem, or guys who are just down right miserable... Or all of the above...
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Is kissing someone else cheating?

I had the same question and i dont really think it is as long as the other person doesnt find out! Yes because if its a secret then its cheating It is cheating, but having s

What if your guy cheats on someone else and tells you why Is it possible for him to cheat on you too?

If your guy is telling you excuses to why he's cheated before it's very likely he'd do it again. If he seems to have no hard feelings against cheating than the likely hood of

What if you have a boyfriend but you flirt with someone else is that cheating?

Not cheating but it does tell you something about your relationship. If you feel the need to flirt with another guy, You are not entirely happy with your current partner. If i

How tell if girlfriend is cheating you by danceing with someone else?

She might be cheating on you., but you can't know. The guy maybe just asked her to dance, and because she wanted to be polite, and accepted. If it's not a slow dance, then it

How do you get someone to cheat on their mate with someone else?

Anyone that has to reduce themselves by trying to get someone to cheat on their mate is extremely immature and vengeful and certainly has no self esteem. If one has high estee

Is texting someone else cheating?

I think it's up to what kind of texting the person is sending to the other person. We will never know unless we saw the text and read them. So I think it's better if you ask t
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Is liking someone else cheating?

ANSWER: Afraid not, we all have the rights to like someone who are nice to us. We all have 5 senses and what you are feelings is attraction that comes from our heart. Now if
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When the boy tells you he isn't cheating but someone else is cheating what should you do?

You obviously have some knowledge that your boyfriend may well cheat on you. However, some young women are jealous and may feel their boyfriend is cheating because they may ha