Why He cheated on her with me then cheated on me with someone else?

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Blokes cheat with whoever they have access to. Surprisingly, many male cheaters are not very picky with women they cheat with, frequently cheating with women that are way below the status of their current girlfriend in looks and intelligence. Sometimes men cheat simply because there's an opportunity. Typically they are commitment phobes who only care about "fun", guys with low self esteem, or guys who are just down right miserable... Or all of the above...
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Is it fair for an ex who had cheated to be angry at his ex girlfriend for talking to someone else?

Answer . \nThis guy needs a smack in the face of reality! What goes around comes around. "EX" means just that and he no longer has ANY say in what his girlfriend does or whom she sees. Why should she care? She should move on and quit worrying about what her ex thinks. She is now dubbed "a f (MORE)

Why does your boyfriend watch ever move you make and think you are cheating or looking at someone else?

Just look at this way, his probably having issue when it comes on trusting people. Did you ever talk to him about his past. His probably got hurt by someone that left him injured. A man is different when they mistrust people. Why don't you just assure him by telling him how much you love him. And ke (MORE)

If a guy would cheat on you then why would he still want you around if he can get someone else?

Answer . Guys like that may very well want a gullible woman around for appearance's sake, for her money, or to fool everyone including himself into thinking he's reliable and respectable. Let him go; move on. You deserve better. . Answer . Answer. He does this because he does not have a to (MORE)

What do you do when someone cheats on you?

There is nothing called cheating. We make a template of situation, person or our own selves and if something does not fit into that sooner or later or rather never, then we terms it as cheating.

How do you tell your girlfriend that you met someone else and cheated on her without hurting her?

1. Don't 2. B honest (if u have the guts) 3. If she finds out you're either way done for.... Pretty much what he/she said . . . . since being brutally honest with her is the best way to go about this. As hard it is going to be, don't water it down or make it seem innocent or like you're the (MORE)

Is kissing someone else cheating?

I had the same question and i dont really think it is as long as the other person doesnt find out! Yes because if its a secret then its cheating It is cheating, but having sex would be, like, FULL cheating. Know what I mean? Everything has different degrees of cheating. It is cheating, as long as (MORE)

Is It Okay To Cheat On Someone?

What does the word "cheat" mean? It means to defraud, swindle, or deceive; to act dishonestly. Does that sound okay to you?

Why doesn't my boyfriend initiate sex with me and does it mean he is cheating on me with someone else?

No, but... No, it doesn't. It could mean that he wants to save his virginity for the right girl. Yes, that sentence may hurt, but wouldn't it hurt you to know you lost yours to someone you wouldn't marry? No, but... (2) No, but it could be because has has had sex with a previous relationshi (MORE)

How do you get over someone you love after they cheated on you?

It's called forgiveness, But then you have cheated on him/her too, by the mind desire of having seen anyone else, and wishing you could make love, have sex,with them. Isn't that cheatting too?. It's called forgiveness, But then you have cheated on him/her too, by the mind desire of having seen anyo (MORE)

If your married and having an affair and you see someone else is it cheating on your partner to which you are having the affair with?

No you are just cheating yourself really, forget about the other people, you are desperately seeking help within. These people are just demonstrating an existential part of yourself. You have to make up your mind, you must be living a I never got to do this before affair, or you are being indulgent. (MORE)

If someone cheats on you should you cheat on them back?

That depends if you want to risk your answers being wrong because, why would the other kid cheat on you if he already has the answers. . Cheating is as low as a snake's belly and portrays the cheater as being self indulgent; void of their mate's feelings and they are self centered. They have brok (MORE)

If you truly love someone and have desires for someone else is it better to break up and stay friends than it is to cheat?

Yes. My god yes. Turn the situation around. If the one you trully loved loved someone else, and decided to cheat- HOW WOULD YOU FEEL?. Sometimes in life we face certain points where our heart goes the opposite direction. Its about being the right person and not letting peope get hurt more than they (MORE)

What if your guy cheats on someone else and tells you why Is it possible for him to cheat on you too?

If your guy is telling you excuses to why he's cheated before it's very likely he'd do it again. If he seems to have no hard feelings against cheating than the likely hood of him doing the same to you would be high. Unlike the typical man, some men do honestly feel bad for what they do while the maj (MORE)

What if you have a boyfriend but you flirt with someone else is that cheating?

Not cheating but it does tell you something about your relationship. If you feel the need to flirt with another guy, You are not entirely happy with your current partner. If it's more affection, Compliments or to feel sexy, Your partner is not giving you what you need. Another view: That depends on (MORE)

What if someone cheats on you?

A: hire the cheaters show to find out. B: cheat on them. C: break up. D: forgive and forget. E: Call him and record the lies. F: Hang out with your friends more than him to make him feel bad

How tell if girlfriend is cheating you by danceing with someone else?

She might be cheating on you., but you can't know. The guy maybe just asked her to dance, and because she wanted to be polite, and accepted. If it's not a slow dance, then it might not mean anything. Even if it was a slow dance, there are some chances that she isn't cheating on you. You can't exactl (MORE)

Is it called cheating when you have a boyfriend but like someone else?

I personally would not define "liking" someone else while you are seeing someone as cheating, however, it is most definitely not faithful. A guy at my work says this about cheating: "if you would not do it with your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse in the room, it's cheating." For example: Kissing If (MORE)

What do you when you and your boyfriend are on a break and you sleep with someone else We were broken up but I feel like I was cheating on him and I want to tell him about it. Is it cheating or not?

You say that you were broken up, so that means that you two were not close after that. Was sleeping with someone else an act against him in any way?. You probably needed to talk about that kind of thing before taking the break from each other. If you truly intended to get back together then havin (MORE)

What should you do if your boyfriend finds that a message from someone else and thinks that you 're cheating?

this is one thing that does happen quite often and usually people get struck by being nervous and then it looks real, but the key is to reasure him you didnt do it, if he trusts you he will understand. also it is good to have all the people texting you named like for example : (friend-jhon, boyfrien (MORE)

You move away and you think your girlfriend is cheating but you are still together then you found proof shes cheating but you still dont believe it then she tells you she is in love with someone else?

If you found proof that she's already seeing another guy, there's no use in feeling sympathy for her. she doesn't deserve you if she's willing to give you up. don't beat yourself up over it. the only thing that can heal you is time. i know how it feels to be cheated on. not the best feeling in the w (MORE)

Can you cheat on someone?

Yes you can but that does not mean you should.ANSWER:Yes I can and would love to do it, if my boyfriend, husband, or just a partner do not make time for me.

Feelings for someone else while being with someone considered cheating?

You can't control your feelings, but you can control what you do with them. The only way it is cheating is if you two are seeing each other behind your boyfriend/girlfriend's back or if you are having any kind of physical relationship with each other. You really do need to decide who you want to be (MORE)

Should you believe the rumors that someone is cheating or messing around with someone else?

Rumors have to start somewhere. My suggestion is to go straight to the source - the person accused of cheating - and simply ask. This doesn't have to be a tense, angry accusation, but rather a relaxed conversation, such as "So, I heard a rumor and I was wondering... what's going on?" Read their bod (MORE)

How can you get someone back when they have cheated on you?

When someone cheats on you they have broken the bond of trust and if you are wise you would not want this person back in your life. By cheating they are letting you know they do not respect you; are selfish and self absorbed and they are only interested in their own feelings and not of how you feel. (MORE)

How do you get someone to cheat on their mate with someone else?

Anyone that has to reduce themselves by trying to get someone to cheat on their mate is extremely immature and vengeful and certainly has no self esteem. If one has high esteem and loves the person but they are with someone else they move on and if they are meant to be with that person it will happe (MORE)

What does it mean when someone cheats in your dream?

By "cheats" i will assume that you mean it in the form of them breaking a vow of commitment to someone, probably you in this case. My personal belief is that you are probably insecure with the faithfulness of this individual, you are probably afraid that you will lose them or you are uncertain of th (MORE)

How can you tell if someone is cheating on someone?

Okay guys lets be more blunt and honest here when answering this question. In my own opinion, one way that you can tell if this person is cheating is by his or her action. Watch and pay attention to everything he or she is doing and saying. If this person is cheating, he or she will be uncomforta (MORE)

How can you catch someone cheating on someone?

Well, it should be known by the way that person acts around the other person that you are lead to believe that they are cheating on. Make sure that you don't just accuse them, especially without facts to back it up. Plus, don't let your only fact be that they are acting differently, because that (MORE)

Is texting someone else cheating?

I think it's up to what kind of texting the person is sending to the other person. We will never know unless we saw the text and read them. So I think it's better if you ask this person so that way, what ever comes out will not be such a big issue, agree?

How do you tell someone you've cheated on them?

There is never a good way to tell someone you have cheated on them and although one can run a high risk of losing that someone by telling them the truth honesty is still the best policy. Try to express why you cheated and that you will never do it again. Humans are not perfect and we all make mistak (MORE)

Is liking someone else cheating?

ANSWER: Afraid not, we all have the rights to like someone who are nice to us. We all have 5 senses and what you are feelings is attraction that comes from our heart. Now if this person you like is single you are safe as long as you are single. But if you are married and this person is single, your (MORE)

When the boy tells you he isn't cheating but someone else is cheating what should you do?

You obviously have some knowledge that your boyfriend may well cheat on you. However, some young women are jealous and may feel their boyfriend is cheating because they may have heard from one or more of their girlfriends that their boyfriends have cheated leaving you feeling vulnerable and therefor (MORE)

What to do if someone has cheated on you?

OK so heres what you do when i found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me i left him because #1 it showed me that i couldn't trust him #2 and that i can do way better with my life than have that 1 guy ruin my life forever but also i have found that if you forgive him he thinks that he will b (MORE)