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Why Philippine tribes unity in spite of diversity?

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What does unity amidst diversity means?

Unity can mean "oneness" or harmony or all in agreement.   Diversity can mean differences or variety.   Unity amidst diversity means peace. For instance a symphony is

What is meant by ''Unity in Diversity''?

"Unity in Diversity" is a slogan celebrating co-operation between  different groups of people in a a single society which describes a  sense of oneness.  

Unity in diversity?

Unity in diversity allows a community with diverse peoples to use  their diversity positively, enjoying each others cultural heritage.

Is there unity in diversity?

no, there is no unity in diversity because there are many humans that are corrupted and have 50+ cows that are corrupted. there are 2 ways of being corrupt 1. do robberies 2.k

How can you see unity and diversity in India?

We can see unity and diversity in India because India is a country consisting of various languages, religion and traditions, but having so much different cultures and traditio

Slogan for ''unity in diversity'?

Unity and Diversity are like petrol and car. They cannot work without each other.

WHAT IS Unity and diversity of culture in sociology?

Unity and diversity Unity and Diversity, I have to say, are old themes of Ethical Culture and one is seldom mentioned without the other. In one of his first key speeches abou

Why does india have unity in diversity?

Even though Inda is highly culturaly diverse with sevral difftent tribes and languages, they find unity through there religon and Hinduism is the Centripital force keeping the

An essay on unity in diversity?

When writing an essay on diversity, be sure to include things like  any experience you may have in dealing with diversity, how you  would like to see diversity evolve, and h